Last letter game.


Mar 16, 2009
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This game is simple, I'll start a curtain catagory of objects like for example lets say "CANDY",I will post something that belongs in the catagory like "Jelly-beans". The last letter in jelly-beans is "S" so you need to say another word in the catagory that starts with S like "Smarties".

1. No sentences (but multi words such as "jelly-beans" are aloud.)
2. If you post a word thats not related to the category thats in session it will be ignored and continued with the last categorized word.
3. No repeats.
4. If nobody posts or can think of a word for 7 days the last person that posted a word is the winner and I will start a new category. I won't post for a curtain amount of time to determine the winner.(Warning: the length of time that is given can change at any time.)

There is no limit to how many times you post in this thread a day.

Okay I'll start with the Catagory "COLORS"!
(shades are aloud.)

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Ultra-violet (it is a color)

almost had me there
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