LGC 2006 - Battalion 2 Vids


Apr 30, 2006
Here's 2 in-game videos for the Battalion 2 title announced in Leipzig. The videos show in-game footage and if you look on the right hand side of the screen you can see the wiimote movements in relation to the on screen action.

They lost a bit of quality on the youtube upload but still definitely worth watching

Battalion 2 Vid #1


Battalion 2 Vid #2

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JCpackers05 said:
what i love about Nintendo is how they make all these games for the Wii.....and even though some dont intereset me they still look absolutley amazing

I agree, there's been a few titles i've read about and really put them to the bottom of my list. Then a few days later i see some actual footage of the game and it changes my whole opinion.
This looks 10x better than I had hoped, defineatly on top of my list! Now if only there were some Naval sea battle videos...