Look Up!!! Its Amazing!

sorry I dont get what your trying to say? I have seen those before I have been to that site? please explain more
thats great that its free online. that will make another reason why its better than microsoft and sony
I heard about that some new information had been leeked on the Wii site but Nintendo quickly pulled it off cuz the Wi-Fi section, the information about Fire Emblem,Wii Sports and Music is no longer there. BRAWL ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mewtwo & I Dominate:lol:
wait, it says you need a wireless router. does that mean that we can't use the wi-fi adapter. That is going to suck!!!
did they say that you NEEDED a friend code to play against someone? because in mario cart ds, you could play against someone at random.
Hopefully the whole friend code system is a preference and not mandatory, I do see why you would want to sometimes limit who is joining you since people do actually have friends they see outside of this little box we call a monitor. (but again Nintendo if you are listening and have done wrong, correct the error, make this a preference and not a restriction.)
if we didn't have friend codes how are we going to have private games or chat with friends we cant just have a public game and hope you are playing your friend. Friend codes are only if you want to play or chat with people you actually know. You can still play with people you don't know. I just hope that we can make our own simple friend codes (like instant messaging services do) instead of a bunch of numbers we carry around on a piece of paper just to give it to your friends and/or family.
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The surprise is if that u go to http://wii.nintendo.com all those images that I putted there are not now, that means nintendo took them out the same day, like 2 hours l8ter
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