M-rated games on a decline


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Sep 17, 2007
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The Entertainment Software Rating Board says that the percentage of Mature-rated games released halved from 2005 to 2007.

In a winter newsletter, Patricia Vance, president of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), said that the amount of Mature-rated titles is declining each year despite the fact that more and more games are being released.

"The ESRB also had the biggest year ever in 2007, having assigned 1,563 ratings, a 22% increase over the prior year. And, as you'll see below, 94% of the ratings we assigned were for games appropriate for ages 13 or younger. It's never been easier to find family-friendly games that everyone can play together.


"While a handful of M-rated titles tend to garner a majority of media attention, the E (Everyone 6+) rating category continues to dominate. The E category saw the largest increase over last year, accounting for nearly 60% of ratings assigned overall.

"The M (Mature 17+) category represented 6% of the overall ratings assigned, down from 8% in 2006 and 12% in 2005.

"The E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) and T (Teen 13+) categories accounted for 15% and 20% respectively."

source: http://computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=181744
Interesting... Their doesn't seem to be a different. I think chances are the ESRB are being more lenient because times are changing despite people like Jack Thompson. But then again Wii has released ALOT less M rated games and more E games than last generation.
I agree they are just chaning the view based on a ever changing moral view point of the population.

Same thing happened to movies... remeber when we were kids the R rated movies of the day would barely get a PG-13 now..lol.. and stuff that was NC-17 or XXX would be getting an R rating today.:lol:

I dont think i have even seen a film rated NC-17 in the past 10 years! I think the concept of being too bad for anyone but adults means it has to be really bad by todays standards...lol sad but true we just keep getting use to this "imaginary entertainment" and it doesn't even phase us anymore...

Not that people are all just morally unfit its just that we know the difference between real and fake and the "very close line" we always thought we we walking no longer seems to be as close as we thought...
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