Nintendo can't get away from the kiddie games


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Jul 2, 2006
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Nintendo, nintendo tsk tsk tsk. I can deal w/ Super-Monkey-Ball, I can stand the pain of way too many spongebob sequels, but inviting VEGGIE TALES and The Advens of Billy and Mandy to the gang?
If you're a gamer looking for titles like Halo 3, then Nintendo Wii is not the first console that immediately comes to mind. Nintendo Wii will have titles like Need For Speed: Carbon and Red Steel, but a gaming system from the big N is always going to have oodles of kid-friendly titles as well.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Veggie Tales: LarryBoy and the Bad Apple.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy will be released by Midway Home Entertainment and is rated E10+ for cartoon violence and crude humor. We have no shame in admitting that we have watched this show on Cartoon Network from time to time, and it's actually pretty entertaining. Okay, maybe a little shame.

Veggie Tales: LarryBoy and the Bad Apple is rated E for everyone, and has no crude humor whatsoever and has a warning for mild cartoon violence. And let's face it, if it's a Veggie Tales title, it's going to be the most mild violence in the history of video gaming.
C'mon...y nintendo y? While I might just happen to enjoy the crude humor of Billy and Mandy, a game for the Wii can not be good, Cartoon Network has free games on their site but I can't imagine these. And i'll say it again, VEGGIE TALES?! Y??? I can't believe ppl would even buy this crap.

Plz tell me wut u guys think about these ridiculous games.
uh.....fuelingmy hate for Wiis decisions.....some more kiddie games and im gonna reconsider. Cause if Wii just comes out with Zelda, Metroid and SSBB it;; mean going into the closet with my GC. Hopefully that wont be the case.
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Don't worry about it, the Wii's going to have its share of the gorefest:D It won't be all kiddie $h1t. There's many more games than u just mentioned there.
the Wii is trying to get gamers of all ages. not just to please you. you can play SSBB and TP and MPC on your Wii. stop complaining to Nintendo if theyre trying to do what they said they would do.
once again the problem of Nintendo was many people to count have stated that the Wii is going to suck because there are no good games......well there are good games......and some really gay games.....hence the thread......well i for one dont agree with some of the games that Nintendo has been making and well plain and simply......their childish. (i am a loyal Nintendo Fan)
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Guys i'm not saying there isn't any games and i'm not dissin Nintendo(u all should know that)but...Veggie Tales??? I said above that I can deal w/ the other kiddie games that r coming out...but Veggie Tales?!?!
There are kiddie games on all consoles but no one is complaining about the ps3 or 360. If nintendo wants wants to reach people of all games, they're gonna have to make both kiddie games, mature games, and those games for people who never played videogames.
They just need to balance all of their gaming strategies equally.

I dont wanna see something like:
Kiddie games : 60%
Teen Games :40%
Mature Games : 20%
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Arrrggh, guys u r obviouslyl not getting my point, though after I say this u'll go, "I know, I know", I don't care about all the other kiddie video games, I should have nvr called this "Nintendo can't get away from the kiddie games". I should have called, "Veggie Tales coming to the Wii?!", I just wanted to point out that Nintendo is actually letting this happen. I know the N wants to keep there kid friendly image going...but this? I think this is just overdoing it.

Billy & Mandy I don't mind, but veggie tales is just plain ridiculous, no matter how much u guys want to argue it's true.