madworld sell 60k first week

Haven't you heard? VGChartz is the last source anyone should go to for accurate numbers.

At any rate, if this is true, then good job, SEGA.

I hope Madworld eventually gets the 600,000, though. For one, Wii's install base is HUUUUGE. For two, Madworld is a respectably ambitious game that has won over critics. I think whatever Madworld ends up selling will be a telling sign of the percentage of mature Wii owners versus casual ones. If Madworld has a ho-hum performance, the mature market probably isn't there. If it sells well, then it's proof that there are enough mature Wii owners out there for future non-casual games.
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Not bad at all, especially considering it hasn't reached out too far from the U.S. (Europe gets it at the end of March) and us in Canada didn't get it until last Thursday.

Great game too, should have no problem reaching 500k.
Fixed it up for you. ;) I hope it sells well, third party efforts like this should be rewarded. I can't say I'll be buying it though, not my genre at all!
I think 500k is a realistic number. But I don't think it will be quite as easy as some of you think to get there.
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I really do hope that Madworld gets good sales. If it doesn't then it'll give developers an excuse to just pump out more minigames and give them the justification to do so as they'll be able to say that 'hardcore' games simply don't sell on the Wii.

That some people have said it was sold out in some stores is a good sign though.
It's becose the Wii software sales are slow, but this not means this great game doesn't conquer the Wii audience, I completely sure Mad World will surpass the million mark this year, I think the same for HOD: Overkill and of couse The Conduit...