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Mar 27, 2008
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When I use a kart (which is rare) I use Baby Luigi with the Tiny Titan

When i use a bike (which i almost always do) i use Diddy Kong with the Zip-Zip

What are your primary MKW characters?
When using a Bike, I'm Daisy with the Mach Bike. A very common pair for people who aren't to technical at the game, like myself. ..I'm a good player, just not excellent. >.>;

..Me, use a Kart? LOL. No thanks.
I always use Toad in every Mario Kart except the SNES version where I use Koopa Troopa.

I always use the standard kart and bike. Those other fancy ones are weird to me, probably the reason why I suck. :lol: Usually for racing I use the kart but for battles I use the bike.
Usually for racing I use the kart but for battles I use the bike.

To be honest, that might be a bit haywire. Karts are better for battles because they often have more acceleration and weight, which can help a lot in a battle. Bikes also get the speed boost in the form of a wheelie, which is almost useless in a battle - or perhaps completely useless. A bike's low weight can also be an issue. I'd say bikes aren't too useful for battles, but karts are good for everything ofcourse

Not that I've got a problem with it or say you should switch, ofcourse. That's just an opinion I thought I'd share.
On a kart, Baby Luigi. He's epic.

On a bike, normal Luigi. He's equally as epic.
Kart:Luigi-Wild Wing Bike:Baby Luigi-Jet Bubble/Quacker occasionally my mii
baby luigi on the jet bubble


funky kong on the flame runner

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