Medal Of Honor Airbourne

Lord Haku

I have returned
Jul 3, 2006
Village Hidden in the Mist
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For fans of FPS there is more than RED STELL to look forward to. The populaur WWII franshci Medal of HOnor pits us once again kiciking some Nazi ass, but this time were kicking ass in Next gen. The game is boasting to be alot diffrent than all the toher Medal of Honor bringing its own unique spin to the old franchise.

This game will defineilty strive on what I love most a free roaming FPS enviorment. You'll be able to chose where you drop in the battelfireld. This new level of Stragey will make the battles even more intresting. Not only that but the game also stresses that it will have peopel you can talk to.

No more those villagers stand stupidy at you, now you can intereact even to your benefit. THis game promises to bring some of that invoation that I have been waiting for in the series. I mean Europen Assualt was okay but thsi looks awesome. NOt only that but it will have online multiplayer and possiblty the reutring of my favorite multiplayer feature Co-op:)
Yup, i love FPS games like RED STEEL which will be the first one im buying, call of duty 3 (i played on Xbox360 but I think it will be GREAT on the wii)
and now MoH! I will buy all em