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Oct 15, 2006
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This sounds awsome. With or without the zapper. Online will be so much fun! They listened to feedback and hopefully made the game better. I never played the one that is out knows, but heard its bad.;title;2

E3 07: Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Wii Zapper Q&A
We chat with EA's Peter Choi about Medal of Honor Heroes 2 and Wii Zapper support.
By James Yu, GameSpot
Posted Jul 13, 2007 8:57 am PT

When Nintendo announced the Wii Zapper peripheral during its E3 07 press conference, Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime noted that several developers are working on games to make special use of the Zapper, including EA's upcoming shooter, Medal of Honor Heroes 2. We talked with EA producer Peter Choi over email about the latest Medal of Honor game and how it's working with the new Wii Zapper.

GameSpot: Is this a new Medal of Honor game, or a port of a game currently in development for other consoles?

Peter Choi: Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is a completely new game designed from the ground up with the Wii and PSP in mind and is not a port of any existing game. Players will take on all-new missions in the single player campaign and enjoy massive, join-anytime multiplayer online battles with 32-players on both the Wii and PSP. Additionally, there’s a unique, new mode designed specifically for the Wii to make the game the most accessible shooter to date for all gamers of all skill levels and not just hardcore shooter fans.

GS: What features have you added to the game to make it Zapper-friendly?

PC: We have an entirely new game mode specifically designed around the Zapper that is incredibly fun to play with. In addition, you can use the Zapper to play the traditional single player campaign and online multiplayer with unique, intuitive controller configurations designed specifically to support gameplay with the Zapper.

GS: Does the Zapper offer any distinct gameplay advantages over a traditional Wiimote and Nunchuck setup?

PC: I think it’s more about preference and experiencing the action of a first-person shooter in a unique way. Playing Medal of Honor Heroes 2 with the Zapper and weapon gestures truly gives players an immersive and interactive, new way to experience WWII combat like never before.

GS: Have the developers tweaked the aiming and Wiimote sensitivity options in the new game?

PC: We read the feedback from Wii shooter fans and developed this game to address their concerns and to make this game easy to pick up and play for all gamers. The development team has spent a tremendous amount of time to ensure the game’s controls and gestures are intuitive, responsive, and satisfying. We also continue to fine tune the controls and we’re happy with the results and feedback we’ve received thus far from those that have played the game.

GS: When is the game coming out and are there any plans to bundle the Zapper peripheral with the game?

PC: The game will be available this holiday. Potential plans for a Zapper bundle have not been discussed at this point, but we’ll keep you updated as we have new information.

GS: Thanks, Peter!
I just hope "easy to pick up and play for all gamers" doesn't translate to "horrendously simplified to the point that no serious gamer would consider playing it."
Woah, pretty good news, thanks for sharing this. And I'm also curious if the Zapper is a must-have for this game. They mentioned something about control settings (even though they added a "for the Zapper" to it, I hope this also means there are some other settings, too) so hopefully the normal way to control it will be featured aswell.
yay! Finally I don't want to sell my wii and get a 360. The wii has a pretty good lineup coming in the next 6 months.
ilikecookies said:
yay! Finally I don't want to sell my wii and get a 360. The wii has a pretty good lineup coming in the next 6 months.

Is "6 months" related to this title, or just in general about the big 1st party titles? I haven't found any reference to a release date for Heroes 2. I'd like to, it sounds like it could be a big game for the system. DBZ3 is the earliest online 3rd party title I'm aware of, coming in November. My googling shows EB games used to have it up with an early november release date, but took it down without explanation (Delay?).

I still want:
Complete details on the control system. It's all well and good to say you've listened to users, but is it really a control system on par with MP3C? And, are there options? Can you adjust sensitivity or customize controls? If they did this right, they could make a serious killing.

The deadly FC question: can you talk to your team-mates without first providing a sample of their DNA? Please go the Madden '08 route. This is the biggest advantages 3rd parties have over Nintendo right now. They should exploit it.

Is there going to be a Wii BT headset out before release, and will it be supported? Nintendo needs to get on top of that fast with 3rd party online showing up in November.
Wiinter said:
I'd like to, it sounds like it could be a big game for the system. DBZ3 is the earliest online 3rd party title I'm aware of, coming in November.

Madden comes August 14th.

so psyched about this, we get 2 first-person shooters before the holidays: Metroid and Medal of Honor. still wish Metroid was online, but oh well, we'll still have plenty.
i would rather get this game before brawl since i like FPS more than regular fightin. so i definitely cant wait for this game.
i personally would rather get this than brawl since i like FPS more than fightin games. so i definitely cant wait for this game to come out

I'm Getting This Game... No Matter What. I've Beaten Medal Of Honor: Vanguard And It Was Fun... Online Multiplayer Will Only make It Better. ^_^

EDIT: 2,500th Post! :D
lilsam said:
So Out Before Xmas? Oh My God. *32 Player - OpenMouthed*

How do you figure? I still haven't seen a real release date.