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the guy below- HES BACK!!
Oct 15, 2006
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Cant wait for this game. Sounds awsome and with the Zapper..


October 18, 2007 - EA's new FPS, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, is set to debut for Nintendo's console later this year with several exclusive features. Keep reading to learn about the specifics of the title's arcade mode and zapper functionality. We've also posted a new developer feature video with fresh footage, as well as new screenshots.
Arcade Mode
The Arcade Mode is a new unique game mode created exclusively for Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for the Wii. The development team at EA Canada created the unique mode with fun and accessibility in mind specifically for the "casual" type of gamer that has embraced video gaming on the Wii platform, according to the company. It's easy to jump right in, pick up and play because the game is "on rails" and takes care of moving you through the world. You can simply point and shoot with the Wii Remote and nunchuk controls or with the Wii Zapper peripheral. The gameplay starts off easy and ramps up to create a challenge that's designed to be fun for both casual gamers and the more experienced gamers who are already familiar with first-person shooter games and want a quick, fast-paced, and action-filled challenge.

While the action is very easy to get into, there's plenty of strategy and variety to keep the experience challenging and fun through all eight Arcade mode missions (each of which is playable on three difficulty settings.) As you fight your way through the Arcade mode, you also get to play with the same variety of authentic World War II weapons that are found in the full featured single-player Campaign mode. The Arcade mode also features many unique Wii gestures, some of which are the same as in the Campaign mode and some of which were specially created for the Arcade mode experience.

The Arcade mode in Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is filled with bonuses that you can trigger only by shooting specific bonus enemies. Shooting one of these bonus enemies will send you on a varied path where they get to shoot at different enemies, fulfill bonus objectives, and pick up special weapons that can give you a serious advantage in the action to come!

Wii Zapper
The Wii Zapper is Nintendo's new controller peripheral that combines the Wii remote and nunchuk in an intuitive frame. The control stick on the nunchuk controls your movement as you aim at the screen and see your target, then pull the trigger to fire. In Medal of Honor Heroes 2, you can choose to use either regular (Wii Remote and nunchuk) or Wii Zapper controls in all three of the game's modes: Arcade Mode, classic first person shooter Campaign mode, or the game's 32 player online multiplayer game mode.

The Wii Zapper controls are well suited to the Arcade mode as it focuses on aiming and shooting and not on character control. While playing with the Wii Zapper, you get to operate all the same weapons as you do with the standard controls and you get to use all the Wii gestures. The Wii gestures have been customized to give you the best experience when using the Wii Zapper, making the gameplay feel easy, intuitive, and fun.

In the single-player first person shooter Campaign mode and in online 32-player multiplayer, you control your movement with the analog stick and fire your weapon using the B-trigger. The game's many Wii gestures have been designed to feel natural and intuitive while you're controlling your movement and shooting with the Wii Zapper.

Link to video
tunaonrice said:
Did you even read or watch the video?

first of all reading only tells you later in the year, and i couldn't watch the video i dont have flash player 9 installed on computer

so i ask again when is the official release date??????
Definitely picking this up after the disappointment of COD3!
You could have searched for the release date instead of yelling.
Go to google, type in Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 release date.
Then boom Nov. 13, 2007!
Yeah but it took him almost 24 hours to get an answer. I mean how lazy can you be. If you're typing anyway type it in google or another search engine.

I was thinking the same thing on the guy shooting, but its even funnier cus the guy shooting is the producer, Matt. Same sweater and face.
Will this game have blood in it?
Unlike the other Medal fo Honor Games i've played and battlefield games, there is never any blood.

Also do you think there will soldier classses to choose from or will you have to choose a weapon to start with?