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i'm getting MoH before SMG for sure! even if they came out on the same day that is! Really I am just so psyched about this game, i have been missing out on Halo 3 since it came out so i'm really hoping this game will be just as good. I think it will be better!
Okay.... first off very nice post with all the embedded videos...
Second - ADMINS can we please start a new official sub-thread for this game. It is getting crazy with all these different threads that are basically saying the same thing. Pretty please :wink:
CrAzyXBo11 said:
Ok guys...listen up....all u people are waiting so anxiously for Mario Galaxy...all i have to say is two words (it suks) not joking...i played it on the store and i have to say, it is a big dissapointment in the mario series.....I cant wait till MOH Heores 2..its going to b awesome.....cant wait....I am going to pik it up on the day it comes out :)
Well I've heard about 30 people say it's incredible and 2 say it absolutely sux.

If either of the two games is gonna suck it's going to be the the one from the mediocre MOH series. Though I do have hopes for both.