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May 30, 2006
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Can vc games be saved to the wii memory card
Becuse then theycan be transfred to another wii/pc if they can get transferd to a pc they can then be copyed to disc (copyright infringment allert).
i think there will be some really quick mods to come out for this such as homebrew, vc games, and maybe even full games as sd cards get smaller
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Micro soft have done it with the 360
home brew devlopment kits (like the blue psx)
I think the transfering to other wii's won't work because i rember hearing sometime that the games are only playable on the wii its downloaded on.
would it be posible to download full games from your computer,or wii on to your sd card??like u could buy them on the net or with points?
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Most if not all of the games on the VC are available to download as roms on the internet.

I doubt that we will be able to transfer VC roms from one Wii to another.
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There where dreamcast games that when copyed wernt compleat
(soul cailber was one copyed the file and there was non of the unlocked stuff)
come on, be for real, we ALL know that a bunch of modders/hackers/pirates of the carribbean are gonna have some kind of "convertert" that converts roms the the nintendo format i'm SO sure about this and thee gonna be ALOT of homebrew like they did with but i think its actually gonna be easier for the wii