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Jan 26, 2009
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The MKW is a great game I love the fact I can race against other "poeple" and not just a computer (that does seem to cheat), the only problem I have found is that, I suck :mad2: (sorry no play so good). The questions I have are as fallows this is in hopes of improving my game.

1). Is there a size advantage or disadvantage?

2). Is accelleration or speed better?

3). How is it that some bikes turn on a dime and others don't especcally when in a power slide, and is there a way to tell which it will do before you get it in a race?

4). Are bikes or karts better?

5). I like being Mii is it better to being the charactors or does it really matter?

6). What is the best combo of all above and why?

If anyone else has other questions please add them that way I don't feel like I'm the only one.

I would like to hear any other helpfull hints you have.

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