Modern Warfare 2 Could Come To Wii


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Feb 7, 2007
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If the first one sells like hotcakes, that is

People have been questioning why Activision is bringing a port of the first Modern Warfare game, despite the second being released very shortly on pretty much every other platform under the sun (including the DS!). Activision, speaking at GamesCom, stated that if Modern Warfare sells well on Wii, we could be playing Modern Warfare 2 on our white waggle boxes in the future.

The question is: when? By the time Wii owners get to play the next instalment, it's most likely the next CoD title will be on the shelves for other systems - it looks as if Wii owners will always be lagging behind the other platforms when it comes to the latest Call of Duty games. What are your thoughts, loyal readers?

heres the link
you know what... maybe nintendo is planning to make a new console instead, they are not really interested in $$ , though they could make millions with MW2
I completely sure of that, Activision knows the Wii's potential on the FPS games.

I hope the next year we will get MW2 form IW and the next COD from Treyarch.

With all the modes, features, better on-line, WiiSpeak, DLC and Motion+.

Of course with far better graphics, all of these features must be standard for every FPS shooter Wii game.