Mortal Kombat: Armageddon on Wii. What do you think about it???

I mite get it when it gets a lil cheaper just cuz I'm more curious about the NEW MK thats coming out later for the Wii since its going to be started from scratch with new characters, storylines, etc.
thats gonna be sweet. ive never been a mortal kombat fan, but the control scheme seems identical to dbz tenkaichi 2, and thats a GOOD THING. fighting games are gonna rule on the wii. cant wait for soul calibur 4!!!
I just look up a review on the game and looks like a good (not great game) but for 50 bucks I may pick it up. If it ports to the Wii it will have a Arcade mode, Adventure mode, Racing mode and Multilayer mode and hopefully online by the summer.