Mortal Kombat: Armageddon


Dec 2, 2006
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....The Game We Have All Been Waiting For, Is Coming This April...


Story Line:

Throughout the Mortal Kombat universe, the warriors were growing too strong and numerous for the realms to handle. The warriors' powers threaten to utterly destroy the fabric of the MK universe. These warriors clashed in a single battle royale that would threaten to rip apart reality and bring about the apocalypse. Without warning, a pyramid rises from the ground, and the tip bursts into flames, attracting the warriors' curiosity to see what it was. The kombatants fought one another to get to the top, while Blaze revealed himself to them. The Firespawn was created by the Elder Gods to destroy as many fighters as possible in order to save the realms from Armageddon. This would be the warriors' last battle, their last chance to prove that they are worthy of surviving, while many others will perish. This will be the final battle for Mortal Kombat, the battle that will determine the fate of the realms...

In this thread, i will tell you all about the game play, characters and all you need to know to get you into the game. Now i don’t know about you, but im looking forward to this’s a video on the CONTROLS of the game:


As you can see, the controls will be excellent for this type of game, it allows more control over the character, but still leaves that classic MK feeling.

To let you know a little bit about the actual game, i have a video of how MK:A will include a different style of fighting:


Now Lets dig a bit deeper into the game...Lets Move onto the Characters.


Ashrah =
Baraka =
Blaze =
Bo' Rai Cho ='_Rai_Cho
Chameleon =
Cyrax =
Daegon =
Dairou =
Darrius =
Drahmin =
Ermac =
Frost =
Fujin =
Goro =
Havik =
Hotaru =
Hsu Hao =
Jade =
Jarek =
Jax =
Johnny Cage =
Kabal =
Kai =
Kano =
Kenshi =
Kintaro =
Kira =
Kitana =
Kobra =
Kung Lao =
Li Mei =
Liu Kang =

*I will be adding more characters*













Johnny Cage














Khameleon is a special character, as she has only ever appeared in Mortal Kombat: Trilogy (N64) and the new version of the Mk:A on the Wii!

Playstation and xbox did not get the chance to have Khameleon, as she is only for the Wii, and no other console.


Khameleon Vs Human Smoke

Other Features:

Yes, its true, in MK:A Wii, there will be more than just fighting. some new features on the new game have never been seen before n Mortal Kombat games.

First off:

We get to make our own characters by editing and customizing the stats of new fighters, who we can add to our fighter collection! We get to choose from 14 different categories of fighters, which include; Humans, Tarkatans, Mercenaries, Black Dragon Members, Ninjas, Retro Ninjas, Geisha Assassins, etc.


A sample of the "Kreate a Fighter" feature


Creating "Fatalities". For those who don’t know, a fatality, is a finishing move. or a "Finisher". In this feature we can make up, and perform our own moves and finishers to use in fights.


Your never going to guess. Really you wont! "Motor Kombat" serious lol. The producer Ed Boon compared it to Mario Karts. Each of the characters has a customized go-kart, as well as their own special moves. Now i cant wait for this feature, im sure it wont disappoint! It allows online play, and has 5 tracks.


A sample of this feature.


Raiden Doing his speacial move in the Motor Kombat feature.
Did You Know...

In October 2006, the attorney Jack Thompson sent a letter to Midway Games, demanding they cease and desist selling Armageddon, claiming that the game was illegally profiting on his likeness, because gamers could use the Kreate a Fighter option to make a character who looked like him.
Previous MK titles Deadly Alliance and Deception required players to keep track of six different kinds of "koins", or money used in the game, to unlock hidden features. In Armageddon, developers decided to simplify things and make only one kind of "koin" available, which can be earned in various amounts by completing impressive combos or moves in arcade mode, as well as collecting them under the other modes of play. Koins allow gamers to purchase hidden artwork, arenas, or extra features for their Kreate a Fighter

At E3 2006, a series of machines running Armageddon were frozen by having Sektor fight Sub-Zero and doing a specific move. All the machines were frozen this way, and they had to be reset.
In a Konquest Mode promo movie, unlocked in the Krypt, it shows that Taven has the option of using bow and arrows in battle (also seen in concept art). Also, it depicts him using his Drakesword anytime during gameplay, and the sword is attached to his back. However, neither of these features appear in actual gameplay.

An Xbox 360 version for the game was not slated, as the game was exclusively for the original Xbox. Along with its three predecessors; Deadly Alliance, Shaolin Monks, and Deception, Armageddon was not featured on the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility list, resulting in many criticisms from fans who had already purchased an Xbox 360. An online petition was organized on the internet, hosted by popular Mortal Kombat forums, and after many months, Midway and Microsoft agreed to add Deception and Armageddon to the list. However, the verdict for Deadly Alliance and Shaolin Monks is still awaited.
Please feel free to discuss this game; I will be adding ALOT more to this thread. Don’t think ill leave it done like this! So come on, discuss this topic!

You can also play Armageddon on Wii using the Gamecube controller, or the Classic controller (obviously aswell as the wii-remote itself).

The centaur Motaro had his back legs removed because the programmers were having difficulty with his shape, half-horse and half-man. In his biography card, it states that a curse has been put on his tribe. In his ending, it states that he was made to look like a matyr under this spell, but many say he looks like a satyr.


Here are some ratings from various sites and magazines. most of them are very good. (please not that these are for the Playstation/Xbox version so the wii version will be alot better) obviously since these ratings aren’t for wii, i have put them here just so you can see how the game is WITHOUT the wii controls. I think you’ll find them pretty good.

EGM - 6.67 out of 10
IGN - 8.5/10
GameSpot - 7.0/10
Game Informer - 8.25/10
GamePro - 4.5/5
Gamestyle - 7/10
Official Xbox Magazine - 9 out of 10
Official PlayStation Magazine (US) - 6 out of 10
X-Play - 3.5/5
PSM - 8/10
Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) - 7 out of 10


Whats your favourite feature of the game?
Do you like the Wii controls? Whats your opinion on them?
Who is your faviourite character?
Do you think this game should be online? Will it be online for that matter?
Do you think the wii version will be better than the others?

Feel free to discuss all these questions, and maybe come up with some o your own!
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Well all I can say is I cant wait for the game, it looks really good. I must be honest though, I didnt find the last few mortal kombat games to be that great, so Im hoping this one is. Are you sure about April as the date?
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thats what most major producers say, its either april or march.
The way you play using the wiimote looks fun, but as a Mortal Kombat veteran I think I'll stick with what I know... A control pad. I think the movement will get old quick, and won't have the same feel as a control pad does, I could be wrong and the wiimote could add so much...

I'm very excited to find out, it's a shame that this will be the last MK game.
Except it isn't the last one. They are starting over with a new set of characters which I'm glad for. This game is just one big clusterf*ck. I mean seriously about 1/3 of those characters have no purpose and their storylines are just so retarded and only work because they are somehow tied to to the core characters. However I will miss my favorite main characters. Much love to MK for bringing me Raiden, Scorpion, Shang Tsung, Kitana. Truly great memories...As for game play I think the Wiimote is going to be really good for this game so I can't wait for the new MK.
If you notice.. They change the shot every 2 moves. Where are the combos? Thats what makes mortal kombat MK! combos.. All I see are speical abilities, and fatalities. I hope this game brings more then it shows.
I am GETTING this game it is going to be awesome!!!!! :thumbsup:
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StevenNevets said:
There won't be any online.

There could be online play, no1 is really sure yet...dont forget, they have enough time to give it that feature...
so the gc controllers are compatibile? I don't want to be forced to buy classic controllers...
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yeh the gamecube controllers are compatible, ill add that th the thread..
I'm a big fan of the innovation of the Wii. But that just seems too gimmicky.

I realize i don't play Madden as much as i used to because the controls i though would be fun are just kind of wierd.

I think i'll just get Armageddon for the xbox
Thats funny because I love the Madden controls. It makes it seem so much more real. So much fun when my brothers and I are playing.