My external drive is corrupt, please assist me.


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Jun 26, 2016
I've had an external drive for my :wiiconsole: (wii) for a few years now, a few months ago id made a little error and I went ahead and fixed it.
Lately I have desired to add games to it but unfortunately I have discovered that my computer does not read it well as well as WBFS manager.

I cannot add games or even backup my old ones so that I will erase it and start over.
I also tried to download these games again but they are nowhere to be found on the internet especially in PAL.

If someone has any solution (that isn't giving up) and is willing to lend me a hand I will be vastly obliged.

Edit: The Wii does recognize the drive and launches the games smoothly. That is why I don't wanna format it without backing up first.

Edit 2: Member Reign has helped me out and sent me to a different program then WBFS Manager. it is called "Wii Backup Manager" it did recognize my games, and allowed me to download covers and add more games I have downloaded.
Thanks Reign, seriously thanks.
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