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May 30, 2006
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I hope I0n agres to these

1> A multiformat part of site (not just nintendo)
2> A TV desscusion part
3> Music
4> A reading part (Manga, books, comics etc)
^Maybe just make that one a sticky in the lounge^
so what does the boss recon
good ideas or bad
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No i thougt in the off topic part
Yea, good suggestions!

The plan was to expand and add additional forums once we gained a good active userbase and i think we've achieved that now :)

So yea lets finalise some new off-topic sections.

The multi-format forums sound like a good idea and i'd be willing to add them for a 4 week trial period, but in that time if they become bogged down with fanboy comments and become a negative aspect to the community as a whole then i'll delete them - sound fair?

Regardless of that i'd be very willing to add more entertainment sections, a music and movie/dvd/tv forum sounds very appealing.

The thought of a fan-fiction just came to me, any interest in that?
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Well i anit a fan boy of any console (ok mega drive/genisis)
but its up to you
but its hard for me to post about older consoles in nintendo retro
just call it
Other consoles
the tv/dvd/movie/anime
just call it the tv room (I know the same as on my site)

Woot 619th post