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Apr 1, 2009
Hello all I am new here. I have a new home theater setup and the last leg of setting it up was connecting the wii, this is where i ran into a snag. I cannot find a long enough component cable for my application. I need about 16 ft or so to connect my wii to the T.V. I have googled, yahoo'd and ebay'd and cannot find anything over 10 ft. Any body have any other ideas on where to find one. Thanks a lot in advance
You might try They've got just about any cable you could ever ask for, although I'm not sure about extra long ones.
Yup, go to monoprice and get a cable and couplers and splice it to the Wii component cable. You won't be able to find a Wii specific component cable over 10', so you just need to extend what you have.

15FT 5-RCA component cable for $7.28:

3-RCA coupler for $0.57:

Single RCA couplers for $0.31 each:

So the Wii component plus the 15ft cable will give you 21ft of length.
Use the 3-RCA coupler for video. Use 2 single RCA couplers for audio.

They also carry 'premium' cables if you'd prefer that over the cheaper ones.
Premium 12ft for $20.40:
Premium 25ft for $29.79:

Seems they don't make a premium 15ft.
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