need some advice


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Oct 15, 2006
erm i never had a gamecube. do you think i should buy gc controllers for my wii now, or later when the games that use the gc controllers come out?

and what would you advice? normal gc or wavebirds? if there is a wavebird with rumble please send me a link. that would be great!

you americans and japanese are lucky as hell! always getting things earlier than us brits!:mad: :lol:

damn i have to wait another 2 weeks:yikes:

Hmm, I think it may be wise to try and snap up a GameCube controller early, as I'm not sure if they are still being made? As I think the longer you wait, the harder it may be to find one.

I'm not sure if your concerned with what I have to say below...

Alternately, I think you could just get a Classic Controller, but I don't think you can play GameCube games with one. So, if you want to play GameCube games, then I advise you to get a GameCube controller. But, I think it's still not confirmed wether you can play Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16 games with the GameCube controller.

I agree with yosh64 to some degree here... GameCube controllers can be pretty useful if used for GameCube games, but if i get VC games, i'll use the Classic Controller.

GameCube controllers might be getting rare... I'd use a wavebird.