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Feb 18, 2009
I had to make a new account because I couldnt log on and then it said it did not recognize my email address. Does anyone know why this may have happened?
i0n said:
Hey guys,

Sorry for the downtime this last week.. it's been quite an eventful start to 2009 that's for sure...

At the beginning of last week we suffered some serious technical issues, mainly one of the server's hard drives decided to die..

Annoying yes, but it should have been easily rectified. Well, to cut a long story short we've lost a fair bit of data.. the database backups that i had been keeping had somehow become corrupt and i've ended up spending the best part of the week trying to salvage as much as possible.

So, a lot of you will have lost posts and other information, i'm really sorry about that and can only add that we now have measures in place to guarantee that such a catastrophic failure for backups never happens again.

We are now on a new hosting setup - previously we've had a lot of database lagging and errors at peak times, over the next few days that will be ironed out as our new server home is adapted to better suit our needs.

(previous hosting setup was far from ideal).

There's a lot of broken stuff stylistically too.. i decided to use the downtime to upgrade the forum and give us a fresh new look for 2009.

Also the usual goodies will be returning over the next few hours and i'll be working round the clock to iron out the other bugs.

On the plus side, the forum homepage has been completely re-done and will act as a hub for daily wii news and a round-up of the best from the forum.

That should answer your question. :D
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