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May 23, 2006
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When the whole "revolution" buisness started, Nintendo told us we could expect new ways to play and new franchises from the creator of mario and zelda. I wonder, what are these franchises? Do you think project HAMMER is one of them? Or did I overlook something?
Yeah, Project H.A.M.M.E.R is one aswell as Elbits, Disaster: Day of Crisis, and Red Steel. I can't think of any others at the moment.

It's encouraging that many of Nintendo's new franchises are more mature. When I say mature I don't mean they have a lot of gore and sex, but instead they have deeper stories behind them and more complex characters.

It's nice that they are showing these new franchises now, so more people will want Wii and know that Nintendo isn't just recycling old games.

While they are good games and Nintendo is good at reviving them, the more variety the better.
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I agree. While games like Mario and Zelda are fun, everynow and then, I'd like to just run around and whack things with hammers. That is something that Nintendo has never been to keen on, but now it seems they are finally keying in, and I love it!
I can imagine Nintendo will want to expand Disaster: Day of Crisis and Project HAMMER into franchises if they're successful, and it's almost a certaintity there'll be more Red Steel games. Nintendo and other companies probably have a few more ideas on their desks at the moment...
Just look at this forum and other forums frantically talking about all these games that we're gonna get and whatnot. N's been successful in "selling" there games already, what's really gonna depend on more franchises is probably ratings and popularity votes in magazines and stuff.
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Ya, it's true. Most of Nintendo's success comes from letting people come up with their own ideas and letting consumers make their own choices. However biased those choices are!