Nintendo of Europe announce September 15th show


Apr 30, 2006
As im sure many of you already know, last week at the Leipzig Games Convention Nintendo handed out some flyers inviting the press to a press conference in America on the 14th September.

This date is highly tipped to be the day Nintendo will reveal to the world both the price and release date for the Wii console.

Details have emerged today from nintendo of Europe, detailing a very similar conference this time scheduled on the 15th September in London.

I'll be its only a matter of time til we hear of a similar plan for Nitendo Japan, this would im sure cement the fact Nintendo will reveal the release and price info on those 3 days consecitively, Japan - America - Europe.

Here's a copy of the NoE invite.

ha yah! i was in bed last night thinking...hmm some say they wouldnt say the release date wouldnt be given in america...but the american release date would, and this is so weird because i was thinking that Japan would do theirs a day before on the 13th, and well for the Europe, to be honest i didnt think of them but if i did i would of thought it would be the 15 too since they get things last

man this means once japan is confirmed we have the release date in the bag! (hopefully price too, im crossing my fingers for 200 but im ready for 250 casue i dont wanna get my hopes that far down)
once they release the stuff i will be held over with finaces until the release date, (managing my money, deciding when to spend what, managing income money) i dont know, i enjoy doing it im in agelbra ^.^ yah im bragging but im proud!
hmm i just noticed that on the left of the picture it just shows people with wiimotes, then on the right it shows what their doing with that little bad boy!

oh snap, i just found this on and they said they sent it to them! this could be a trick, but that picture is something only nintendo as clever as they are could come up with!
i dont want an october release date, mainly cause im not expecting it, unless tis late october, but this one fake german ad said it was releasing in mid october, and it was the fakest add ever and the box art was the handdrawn ones from gamestop
yes, why do all the big countries get the attention, couldnt some other countries like australia get some respect?
I hope we recieve the release date soon so i can plan my future to be locked away for hours