Nintendo registered these names( BIG SECRET)


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May 22, 2006
I am actually into the Domain name game and with all the hype about Wii the Wii name is quite a hot topic in domain country. As I was scanning about looking for some good names connected to Wii I stumbled across the following .com names and when I did a Whois search I found that they are all registered by NINTENDO. I think that these are probably some secret titles for future games or game packages. Here they are:

Wow, I don't actually see why Nintendo would need that many domain names though. They are a bit random... "WiiScience"? "WiiLife"?
Yea i heard they registered the other day, sounds intriguing!
Maybe they are making an online game where you will have to go to these sites for different journeys and courses. This would be awesome!
WiiT said:
Maybe they are making an online game where you will have to go to these sites for different journeys and courses. This would be awesome!
Maybe... and then we would play it on our Wii and verse each other online! XD
Exactly what I was thinking. You go to different stages and it utilizes the opera web browser on the Wii to its fullest extent.
*looks around* The domain names, cool. I think they may be trying to avoid any 'anti Wii' sites that way, or just hang on to those names until they become needed as you guys are thinking.

But either way, I highly doubt Nintendo would create a 'game' that uses the browser. Firstly, when the browser is running, it's taking resources from the system that could be used for rendering, therefore making that idea a no no. I couldn't see Nintendo doing that and risking the system's playability with a lagging system, right? I could be wrong though... I just don't think if there was a 'game' or such online based through the built in browser, it wouldn't be so complex or memory/processor intense, and not worth Nintendo's time or effort.

Just my two cents. :)
I would say that they are trying to keep people from mocking an official Wii site.
If they buy off these names and then other people won't be able to buy them and say that their site is official.
Or they could be for future games.
Who really knows?
I think alot of them are just them taking them so other people couldnt and they may have ideas they arent sure about yet so they snagged those just incase before anyone else does
on the note of domains i own and :)
I think the only think nintendo wants to do is for example you go to the official web site and yoou want to know where are distributed nintendo wiis then they take u to or you wanna now how it was made you go to or something like that
I agree that it's just to ward off hate sites, though they kinda picked the wrong domains to do it with (if you were going to create an anti-Wii site, would you use any of those names?). The strategy is just like (in America) Disneyland and Disney World. When they opened Disneyland, they only bought the land they needed for the park, then right outside it was immediately flooded with hotels, restaurants, etc. They vowed that it would never happen again, so when they built Disney World, they bought exponentially more land than they initially needed, so nobody else could crowd in (and to this day they use the extra land for expansion). Just my thoughts