Nintendo Releases New Super Mario Galaxy 2 Details and Screenshots

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Oct 10, 2009

Nintendo has today released ten new screenshots plus brand new details about the forthcoming Wii game, Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is due out on June 11th 2010.

The game begins with the Star Festival in full flow, as falling stars rain down on the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is on his way to watch the festivities at Princess Peach’s castle (uh-oh, I’ve got a bad feeling about this already…), but on the way he meets a Luma who decides to dive into his hat, instantly bestowing the Spin move power on him. Before Mario can even reach Peach’s castle, he sees that a gigantic Bowser is in the process of kidnapping Peach (NOT AGAIN!!). As Bowser makes his escape, Mario launches into outer space in hot pursuit, and so begins Super Mario Galaxy 2.

After completing the first level in the game, you unlock a spaceship, which is actually a planet that has been transformed by a Luma to look exactly like Mario. Players can use the ship to navigate their way around the World Map on tracks between galaxies, harking back to the logical paths that the classic Mario games took. As galaxies are completed, the Starship Mario gradually becomes populated with characters and features to enjoy.

The game features two new Mario suits: Cloud Mario and Rock Mario. For the first time, as Cloud Mario, Mario can create up to three cloud platforms so that he can reach high into the sky. As Rock Mario, he can rock and roll into enemies and elements in galaxies to reveal new things.

The Super Mario Galaxy co-operative mode has also been enhanced for Super Mario Galaxy 2. In the Co-Star mode, your friend supports you as a Luma who can hold enemies and execute the Mario Spin move to immobilise and knock enemies out, as well as being able to interact with parts of galaxies. Your Co-Star can also now collect coins on Mario’s behalf as well as Star Bits.

As previously reported, Yoshi has a big part to play in Super Mario Galaxy 2 – he is what he eats! For example, when he eats a light-bulb shaped berry, he emits a brilliant light to reveal hidden areas.

Another new aspect of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the Cosmic Guide – a helper mode designed to aid players who may find some areas difficult.

It all sounds and looks pretty amazing, roll on June 11th!