Super Mario Galaxy FAQ


Apr 30, 2006
Super Mario Galaxy FAQ


Mario is back! In his latest 3D adventure our hero will be stomping and drop kicking his way all over the Galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy is the latest in a long line of Mario titles this time showcasing the abilities of new Next Gen console ‘Wii’.

Most of Super Mario Galaxy’s in-game action (as you would imagine) takes place in space with Mario planet hopping from rock to rock. In space, Mario finds a world very different from the Mushroom Kingdom. Some of the areas are spherical, allowing Mario to travel completely around them.

SMG takes advantage of all the unique aspects of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck controller, unleashing new moves as players shake the controller and even point at and drag items with the pointer. Players can perform mind-bending, low-gravity jumps across wild alien terrain as they experience platforming for a new generation.

So what’s known about this latest Mario offering? has compiled a brief FAQ, detailing answers to the most commonly asked Super Mario Galaxy questions.

What is Super Mario Galaxy?

Super Mario Galaxy is the latest in a long line of Mario titles this time showcasing the abilities of new Next Gen console ‘Wii’.

Is the title really called Super Mario Galaxy?

No, ‘Galaxy’ is currently the working title given by Nintendo – The real title has yet to be disclosed.

What happened to Super Mario 128, does it even exist?

Super Mario 128 isn't a game, and probably never will be. Super Mario 128 is more of a concept, a web of ideas if you will. It's basically a project where Shigeru Miyamoto tries innovative ideas for future Mario games.

"Well, Mario 128 was a collection of different experiments. Super Mario Galaxy takes a lot of the experiments from Mario 128 and implements them in the game. Because of that it's partly 128 but there are also elements that existed in Mario 128. I don't know when we'll be able to bring those out." - Shigeru Miyamoto.

So basically a lot of the ideas tried out in 128 will be included no doubt in Super Mario Galaxy.

What’s the story behind it, what is Mario doing in space?

Currently very little is known about the background story as to why Mario is stomping around planetoids. According to many who have played the demo’s the general consensus is that after Princess Peach is kidnapped by an unknown villain, Mario must follow the culprit all the way into outer space. In space, Mario finds a world very different from the Mushroom Kingdom. Some of the areas are spherical, allowing Mario to travel completely around them.

Here’s what Miyamoto had to say on the subject:
“When we develop a game, I always start off first with the gameplay system itself, making sure the core element of gameplay is really locked down and very fun. The story is something we finalize at the last minute. This time around with Mario, we focused not so much on the difficult jumping, but more on this idea of running around and the different planets and things like that.
We'll be playing around with that, and we've really locked that down. As we go along we'll add more elements in, and based on the combination of these elements then we'll come up with a story that will be fitting for the game overall.”
Does Super Mario Galaxy make of use the Wii remote?
Yes, Super Mario Galaxy utilizes both the Wii remote and the nunchuck attachment. Here’s a rundown of the controls used to bring life to the pesky plumber and his environment:
  • Mario moves with the analog stick of the Wii remote control and jumps with the A button of the Wii controller.
  • When the Wiimote is directed to the screen, a pointer or star type is indicated on the picture. To indicate an action on the screen simply direct the pointer to that place and push the B button.
  • In some points of the game you need to shake the Nintendo Wii controller to start the action (move it from left to right)
3D Mario games always have problems with the camera views, is this one any different?

Miyamoto seems very confident that the camera issues of previous 3-D Mario titles have been ironed out. The user has no control over the camera viewpoint in SMG as it is all automatically configured.

The whole idea, Miyamoto explained, is that "You're moving in a 3-D space but without the typical camera issues that we've had in 3-D games in the past.

Miyamoto: " [You’ll be able to] directly interact with things on the screen by pointing at them or clicking on something to get Mario to go exactly where you want to go.
In that sense, I think it's going to allow for a much more intuitive camera system and much more intuitive control scheme that will allow people who have never played a 3D Mario game before to feel comfortable enjoying Super Mario Galaxy."

Will Super Mario Galaxy have a multiplayer feature?

In a word, Yes - although the specifics of the multiplayer feature have yet to be ironed out. Back in May Nintendo’s Development's general manager, Takahashi Tezuka spoke to IGN about the multiplayer features and said that Super Mario Galaxy is more likely to be co-operative as opposed to a versus scenario.

The development team is already experimenting with new ways to use the Wii Remote so that one player can control Mario while the other aids him. Miyamoto also suggested that the second player could have the ability to interfere with Mario's progress.

Will you be able to play as Luigi?

There hasn’t been much mention of Mario’s faithful sidekick which has lead to speculation that he won’t be making his way to Galaxy.

But with the recent news of a Multiplayer Co-op mode, who else could they possibly use. It does seem unlikely he won’t play a part in the game but currently there has been no official confirmation on his inclusion.

Is Super Mario Galaxy going to be a launch title?

Sadly no it isn’t. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Galaxy will be released "within the first six months after Wii's launch”.

The Wii is currently scheduled for a launch in the fourth quarter of 2006. This would lead us to believe a release around the first half of 2007 is more than likely.

May 11th 2006 - Shigeru Miyamoto said that "[Galaxy was] progressing along quite well, but it's often said that when I get involved in a project I upend the tea table. I don't want to promise anything yet. But if it's not a launch title it will definitely be there within the first six months."

How much will it cost?

Currently there are no confirmed prices for any Wii gaming titles. Many 3rd party publishers have hinted at a $60 price range, although Miyamoto spoke out (March 29, 2006) and said it is unlikely that first-party games will not exceed $50.