Past Miyamoto Projects, dead or alive?


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Jul 21, 2006
Over the Stars
There’s also a part where he’s asked what happened to previous projects.

Mario 64-2: originally planned for 64DD, some parts made it into other games, but Miyamoto forgot which ones (!)

Cabbage: Cancelled but some ideas made it into Nintendogs.

Mario 128: A test concept for Mario. Some elements are in Mario Galaxy, incl. the running around a sphere and gravity.

Marionette: Moved to Wii. Still in development.

Stage Debut: Some elements seen in E3 Wii demos, like the face mapping element. Looks like many elements will make it into other games rather than being released as a standalong product, but the writeup is kind of vague.


I am really surprised that Marionette is still in developement! I remember this game being in developement way back even before the Gamecube launched! Well enjoy this new bit of info! :)

64DD, wow the memories of the hype. Nintendo Dolphin :lol:

Marionette seems interesting....
Arcadium said:
what is marionette'???
A marionette is a type of puppet moved by strings, as in a puppet show. In the western world, they originated from the medieval times in France and can be found in every country in the world. The word "marionette" comes from French, where it was a diminutive of "Marion", which was a diminutive of "Marie".They can be found in box theatres, curtain theatres and black light theatres. Marionettes are considered by many to be very entertaining for both adults and children.

Pinocchio is a particularly famous marionette. The musical The Sound of Music contains a fairly detailed scene involving several marionettes worked on a stage. Another very famous television marionette is Howdy Doody. In the 1960s TV producer Gerry Anderson and his colleagues pioneered a technique combining marionettes with electronic components, typically to control facial features, which they dubbed "supermarionation".