Nintendo Wii Colors Question


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Jun 27, 2006
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Is it known what colors there will be when released? I know there are 6 or 7 colors, but will it be like the DS and we have to wait a few months for different colors:sick:
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Yes, didn't think so. I hope it isnt just white and black, since all my consoles are black already (I dont like white) I want the dark blue, it looks nice
i hope they come out with skins you can buy so you can stick to your wii. I would totally get a army camouflage skin
All the colors would look cool except for limegreen (whch has already been confirmed...), pink, purple, yellow and brown. I want the d blue, red or black.
I would think the colors will be the same as the DS lite, since they have the same finish (a lot of people would want them to match). Although, they could always add more colors to the lite, so even if I'm right we don't know what colors there will be.
Or maybe (if they do do the skins) they'll give you a matching skin for DS whenever u buy u'r wii.
*99 almost there...*
So far I've seen the Wii in white, black, lime green, red and grey. I'll probably get a black one, although if it's available in blue I might get that.