No Wii Bond game until 2008?

Yeah it does suck how we hvae to wait till 2008 but when the time comes, it will be the best bond game like ever. Activision is da bomb, like said previously they did make call of duty and that game was the bomb aswel. So expect a bond that is better than any bond every (except maybe goldeneye.......goldeneye was dam good)
Goldeneye was damn good. Hope activision will make something like it
(i dont believe they will anyway :( )
The wait better be worth it, but im sure well have some awesome first person shooters to kill our time;)
thats because the older ones were way better than the new ones. And they didnt even have cars in them!
yes, but not only cars made them worst, just the gameplay. Didnt really have any quality at all at most places. Mainly just a shoot and dash at nearlly all the places. Unlike goldeneye (at most places)
yes, but the 2008 ones are gonna be better than the new ones or ill commit sepuku.
Ya, I loved the 2nd to last one they made, it was great. I played it 1 and 1/2 yr.s ago, but it was alot of fun, it had robotic blowing up spiders.