Ok, so which one of you guys is this


Apr 30, 2006

Come on own up :lol:
anyone notice that the first time you saw his room, the game that was on the TV wasnt a Mario game? isnt he trying to say how much he likes mario?
Wow. Just wow.

Now all we need is someone who is this mad on Legend Of Zelda...

...and until we find him, here's the [fan] film trailer to watch.
It would look amazing if it wasn't for Links hair...
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That Zelda video was very impressive, even if it does leave me worrying that they might be a little too mad about Zelda. And the Mario guy was scary too. :lol:
He has to get a life, and getting nintendo away from his life (I'm talking seriously , look what it made to him)
That Mario guy is insane, there is a limit to fandom. I, and many other people consider me as the greatest Mario fan out there, I keep my fanboyism to a respectable level, I would never do what that kid did, thats insanity not fanboyism.
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