older zelda games

lord ber

Aug 24, 2006
duk soop
what do you think about older zelda games?
games such as link to the past links ,awakning ,the orginal zelda and even newer titles ,ocrania of time ,majoras mask est.Just tell what u liked or
shoudn't this be in Nintendo Retro?

Anyways The Original Zelda was actually quite fun to play took me hours to figure out what to do at the begining
i loved ocarina of time for n64. that was thy best game i have played for zelda so far. i also liked minish cap and when they come out i will get phantom hourglass and twilight princess. i have a nes emulater on my computer and play all the old ones but i can never get into those old games.
The original was prolly the hardest of them all it had the biggest maps ever it was huge aswell...And wish yes it's true You die quick as hell unless you get 8 heart containers im still near the begining :p but i have 10 hearts now
Majora Mask was good once you got into it....... and got the deity link mask :D