OMG hardest game ever

Got it on the nes
the levels repeat after level 4
nope, that's easy compared to . You have to be a geek to get though this game (using the URL and source code is NOT cheating, it is in fact a part of the game. I must warn you though, after a while it gets to be PG-13 to R rated, but most people don't make it that far
That is pretty easy. You can play it on this arcade machine on Donkey Kong 64 and I got to like level 7 and then died haha. The levels repeat after level 3 though which is a bit poor, but it was done on the NES so I'm not complaining. It is a classic after all!!
Yeah it was easy, is their supposed to be a different level after the first cause when i finished it just restarts the level
This is donkey kong? where jumpman (mario) had to say pauline (before peach)!
OMG I wanted to play it but its anoying difficult.