omg ps3?...DUDE...your getting a dell...


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Aug 20, 2006
Miami Beach, fl
...25 days left...25 days this is tempting. hence my subject....i think a reason the ps3 MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT almost, no TOO likely, but COULD win or come in first place or W/E! is bcuz of the fact that when ppl hear the word "SONY", they'll buy the product no matter what...i mean i must admit, i have a sony cybershot cam and its great, and a sony vaio, (but my macmini is better than any microsoft pc) but another reason is that,..RIGHT NOW...all the sony fanboys are really BLINDED with the sony specs and ps2's lucky success, thus making them hate nintendo. i mean, is trynna monopolize the world. i may be wrong, but i heard or read (not sure i kinda forgot) that since sony has all this success and don't like microsoft, that they working on their own "sony OS" (sony versions of operating system, e.i. microsoft, linux, apple) but since the ps3 has linux, they MIGHT use linux or idk and don't really care.i remember drooling over the ps3, but i had to slap back to my senses. don't worry i was never a sony fanboy, hell i remeber making fun of my brother and his ps2, i kept telling him, "you gonna see many trails!" while the gamcube had NONE. anywayz moving on, i believe sony is great when it comes to being pursuasive, i just hope the fanboys realize this, i mean sure, the ps3;s graphix are BEAUTIFUL but its basically a super pc, and the wii is know? ::tears:: if u buy a wii, u getting ARCADE @ home, if u get a ps3...dude..your getting a dell....
Think i'm honestly dumber after reading that i didn't understand it at all. I think that the Wii will come first place in 7th generation console no doubt!
And the point is? We all know that PS3 = Awesomness inside and Wii = Awesomeness Outside. Or did we? Maybe some of us are silly. -No sarcasm intended-
I suggest use paragraphs like I am, because it usually makes more sense then ;)
PS3 will not win all of the world
look at the Sony closed lik sang posts
a lot of people now not geting one
Youve got some pionts right...after the success of PS2 most of my friends are instinctivly buying a PS3 and not even know anything about it.
good thing to wake up 2!

well i was drooling to ps3 until i saw the game line-up and price!

alwayz been a nintendo fan and a playstation...

nintendo knws how to feed my child in me..

sony knw how to feed the Man in me..

but hopefully the wii can finally start accepting some rate M games so when i feel piss at the world i can go pick it up and snipe some bitches down...
The PS3 will probably win based on the fact that sony have the reputation to pull it off. I mean people don't care that sony don't even know what the PS3 is meant to be - let alone the consumers - they have the name & people will buy there stuff because they're idiots when it comes to things like that, they don't care what the product is, as long as it has a "cool" name attached to it. And to that I say this...Remember what happened when Sega relied on their reputation instead of giving the people a superior console...they went bust! Who bust them...SONY!! LOL...Karma!!!
Yup its nailed on that PS3 will win the console wars. Playstation is the biggest console brand probably ever.

I for one wont be getting one as Ive started to notice Sony products quality is really dropping, that and the fact Sony have just become arrogant in everything they do. That specs card basically killing the 360 is a case in point (Sony clearly know the PS3 is too expensive and are trying to make everything else seem more expensive). I was going to go for the PS3 and wii but i just dont want to give my money Sony.
wtf just happened? I think I just blacked out for a second from the complete lack of sense or sentence structure.

was this a serious post or are you just smokin crack?
sony's products ALWAYS break. I had a ps2 (with a 2 year warenty thank god!) iv had to take it back to EB 5 times! my warenty just ran out about a year ago and last month my ps2 broke down again. I know they fixed this with the new small ps2s but they came out 2 years after the system was realeased. Nintend never breaks down. and when they did with the ds (very small problem) they insisted on replaceing those peoples ds.

P.S: I do take great care of everything i own so if anyone is atempting to flame me by saying i should have taken beter care of my ps2 can go go to hell because i never droped it, scratched it or spilt anything on it. It just sat there on my tv stand reciving its monthly dusting.
Thats odd my old PS2 never brokedown even after I took it up and down the country to uni and it probably had beer and fag ash dropped all over it.

Im going to tempt fate now and say ive never had a console break down on me before (although inevitably the wii will now :D)