Once again....


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Jun 27, 2006
1. So once again the Wii wont be able to run DVD's yeah ?

2. Will we be able to play games on the net for free?
1. the wii will be"able" to play dvd. but u have to buy an extra adapt thing do do it.

2. u have to have internett to play online. maybe also wireless

(( i'm maby wrong at number 2.)) i don't have any sources where i read this ansvers
Man those are the only 2 questions I want to answer so give me sometime and I can get u an answer that I'm gonna search for
1. yes the wii can play dvds and no you dont have to pay for a cable
2. you will need the internet already(im told) and youll get online play for free
they said that you would have to buy a seperate dongle to be able to play dvds on the wii, last i checked anyways
dwaltin said:
well you would have to have internet to play it online...how else would you?

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man I know its big but that is not a problem is it?