Official "I Got a Wii TODAY" thread.

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Blades Of Steel
Jan 3, 2007
So the rumors were true. Big Wii sale today.

If you got one today, describe your experience. Were you able to waltz in and pick it up or were people once again camping out?
I went to Target around 6:45am this morning. There were already 16 people in front of me. This nice lady came back and said she heard there were going to be about 15 but there could have been another shipment overnight. Well, the store people came out at 7am and were like "Wow, you guys eager to do some grocery shopping. We knew putting the eggs on sale would draw big crowds" We lol'd and then they said they had 27 Wii's. I immediately turned into the Nintendo 64 kid. Another Target had 18. I also heard that a Circuit City had 40 and a Best Buy near me had 75.

So right now, I am getting the updates and about to play some Wii Sports and Zelda.
Wii hooooo!

Got mine this morning. Waited for 2 hours in front of Target, first one there, and 8 AM comes Wii at Target!

Sadly, I drove off and decided to stop at a Circuit City. Waited in line in the cold sleety rain for 1 hour this time. Employee sticks his head out and says they have 13! I was #2! It was like I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So what, I lost feeling in my lower's worth it!

Good Luck to all those still in search!
I don't have a Wii yet.
I told my parents to go wait in line for me, I was to lazy to wake up to go with them. I think my Target opens at 10.
i went to target at 6:30 am and there were about 4 people there, on of them was my friend, just as i got out of the car he said they are only getting on, he was the first person there. That really sucked. But then i went to bb at 7:00 am and just waited it out until 11 am, the people in line were fun to talk to and were nice enough to hold each others place in line. By the wa, standing in the snow for 4 hours isn't fun, the wii better be worth it!!
I GOT A WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I own a Wii, but I arrived at the local Best Buy at 11:50am in hope of picking up a remote and nunchuck. I was talking to people in line and I guess there were 50 Wii's and all 50 tickets were given at 11am for noon store opening. Most of them were in front of me in line and I had to go through too just to get to the Wii accessories. They had lots of remotes and a limit of 3. No nunchucks at all so I just picked up two remotes.

I heard from a friend who went to a Best Buy that had 30 Wii's and he got one, but they ran out of remotes before he got to them.

To any parents who may be out of the loop: Your kid does not care about the remote gloves! Save your 20 bucks for feeding all his new friends.
went to best buy and the line was already over 30 people, so I decide to give GameStop a try and turned out nobody was waiting.

Total 9 Wii's at the GameStop I was at.

Goodluck for the people that are still searching for them.
Headed out at 6:30am, went to the local Target. No one there, passed it up. Headed to Target in Buena Park but passed by the BB in Cerritos first. Not that many people there yet and still early. Went to Target in Buena Park...a million people there. Went to Walmart in Cerritos, no Wii's. Passed by BB in Cerritos, still not that many people there. Headed back to Target in Buena Park but went to the one in Cypress instead. I was 22 out of 21!! Waited to see if anyone got the card declined, luck. Headed to Lakewood Mall Target, no Wii's. About 9am now and finally decided to just wait it out at BB in Cerritos. #33 out of 40 or 45. I'm a happy camper. Now to find the damn extra nunchuk and remote...
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