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May 23, 2006
Does anyone know if the Opera Browser is going to be built into the Wii,is it going to come with console or are you going to have to buy it.
yea they say it's right in the system all you have to do is put it through the WiiConnect24
It will be incorperated into the Wii, and used in conjunction with WiiConnect24. I'll repost if I get anything else.
Sillyhat said:
I'm pretty sure its built into the Wii, like its part of WiiConnect 24.

That's all he needed to know five other people didn't have to say the same exact thing.
im useing opera browser know its good but it dosent auto refresh (make sites like 4!!!.org (not showing full addres) a pain to go throw
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sausage dog said:
Lol..as pointless as this post...

This post is for people that might use the Wii as a web browser. I'm planning on using it and trashing my old computer. Wii has a web browser were the Xbox360 doesn't
Dont bring back old threads..check the last posts date..then if its new or semi-new post...this is almost THREE YEARS OLD.