overall zelda review


Aug 21, 2007
every zelda had it's very special thing:

zelda: ocarina of time
this was the first game that brought the series to a 3-d prespective and is intuetive with characters and the plot. the way the dramatic scenes from kakariko being set on fire to all the sages sealing ganon away is spectacular. it featured three types of swords, sheilds, tunics and boots which is a good feature to have if you don't always want to look or attack the same.

zelda: majora's mask
the main thing about thos game was the very neat side-quests. it is very cool how they made this game. whenever i think about this game it's about a side-quest that took you really far into a story (ex. bunny hood girl, the inn, getting the sun mask or watching this very weird man dance in the middle of the night) this one had a time and certain things happened at different times so you'd have to go to different places on schedule.

zelda: wind waker
the idea of being able to explore an entire ocean is very cool. i'm still not even sure if i have explored every island yet. this game was a bit puzzling throught some of the later temples and has a decent storyline. a main aspect of zelda is being able to do things that make you forget about saving the princess or beating ganondorf (ex. trying to purchase things at the auction house). this game also introduced some new items.

zelda: twilight princess
this zelda by far, has the most dramatic storyline. it improved graphics alot and revived epona after what wind waker brought. midna, a new addition to the series, can make your emotions feel for her, be angry and sometimes wonder if she's evil. the improved feature of being able to fish is wonderful and life-like. switching back to the style that ocarina had, twilight princess made it possible to carry 2 swords and sheilds. in every other zelda game, you'd only be able to carry your newest one. link is also more understood and the evil in this game actually seems like something harmful. also, having to beat two villians at the end is even better, although i wish they were harder. twilight princess takes the longest to beat out of all of the zelda series and is the most mature one up to date.