Pac-Man Should be in SSBB

Should Pac-Man be in Super Smash Brothers Brawl?

  • Yes That Would Be Cool.

    Votes: 20 43.5%
  • Nah, Its A Dumb Idea...

    Votes: 26 56.5%

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Sep 19, 2006
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Wouldint it be cool if they put Pac-Man in SSBB i mean sieriosly!!. He can have a Yoshi type effect on other characters like he could eat other people then make himself bigger then spit them out then hes a little bigger or smth!.. That would be cool if they put him in =)
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lol i just thaught it would be cool =). What do you guys think?
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No. Pac-Man was great at the start, but these new 3-D Pac-Man games are crap, and he has no place in SSBB.
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Well maby a Poke-Ball type item where he comes out and chomps to do damage to other characters?
I_WANT_WII said:
is pac man even allowed to be in SSBB? He really wouldn't have any cool attacks...

Ok. What would Pac-Man do? Eat stuff, obviously. But Kirby already does that- and one hell of a job he does. :lol:
Sorry but i agrea with everyone eles...Pac-Man Shoild not be in there, the only way id love to see him there is to kick his sorry ass lol!
If you have the right idea going Im sure someone could make him plenty enjoyable. He could be a Kirby, Yoshi, Game and Watch mix. I mean he could peform attacks similar to Mario and nobody complains about mario in the game. Personally I dont care either way if hes not in it ok. If he is It would be something new. Oh and take a look at Jiggly puff. They managed to get creative...
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Jiggly Puff was such a stupid character (and Poke-Mon) why would they put Jiggly in SSBM and SSB Im Sure they could think of somthing if they did put Pac-Man =)