Photoshop/Sig Problem.. O.o

King Wiired

Aug 8, 2006
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Right.. well i've made yet another sig.. (that im experimentin with) and ive saved it as a .gif as ya do.. but the animation stops halfway through... :


.. anyone know how to fix this?
(might take a while to load first time round, depends how good ur net is :))
Thanks guys

Edit : WTF ITS WORKIN FINE ON HERE :tard: well.. thanks anyway :p close thread please i0n
it works perfectly for me, all though a little slow, could you please make me a sig after that magazine comes out? there will be juicy BWii pics, but yah, cool sig all though i like the one you have right now

EDIT now it runs perfectly
Did you load the pic on photobucket or Imageshack? Your pic was probably too big so they downsized it which cut off the animation...or you just cut the animation short yourself by mistake.
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Thanks Mario Famous but it was alright.. jus didn't work BEFORE i uploaded it o_O thanks for the help anyway..

And 100 posts o_O what do i do with them :lol:
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aaah right.. but i'll probably do it for ya.. i would say PM me about it another day... :tard:.. but just ask me bout it in a day or two n ill see what i can do