What Grinds Your Gears?


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Oct 4, 2007
^Some of you may know where the title is from.;)

I apologise if this is in the wrong place, if it is, you can move it.

This thread is about what has been happening to me lately and is starting to frustrate me and I just needed to get this out of my system.

Read if you dare.

You know what REALLY Grinds My Gears, I was playing Phantom Hourglass this morning and I hadn’t eaten anything or drunk any liquids because I was playing in my bed and I couldn’t be bothered to eat and so my hand was really shaky and at the time Link looked like a spaz when he ran around. The worst part was I was up to a boss and I was like “STFU~!!!!1!!111!!oneonesix” so I saved my game before. After a glorious victory I saved the game and at the same time put it on my bed and it instantly fell off and turned it self off during a save which takes 4 seconds. I was hoping it would’ve saved but NOO it had to be corrupted and delete my whole save; I had 8600 and something frickin rupees and I wasn’t that far into the game and it still kept my Wi-Fi data… Why couldn’t it be the OTHER way around… Why couldn’t they also put in back-up saves like in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl?! So I’m not playing that for awhile. Earlier in the week I decided to go help my dad outside since he was cleaning the shed.

In this GIANT shed which looks like an endless cave, we emptied out the whole of and chucked out batteries, radios books, an old T.V. I used to play my SNES on (that’s coming up), crappy lawnmower etc. In this shed I found a LOT of childhood memories like my Thomas the Tank Engine set, some Mega Blox and the first consoleS; my 3 PS1’s! Yes I had 3 of them and I couldn’t remember why at the time, in the same box I found old games like Matt Hoffman, Tony Hawks, Spyro, Gran Turismo, Parappa The Rapper, Driver 1 and Driver 2. IDK where the rest of them were. Anyway I hooked one up to the T.V. and put in Spyro and… it didn’t want to load… so I put in Driver and… that didn’t work, so I cleaned the disk, blew the lens and put it in, it got up to the PS logo and it just blanked out. I checked inside and noticed that they’re weren’t any ball bearings (the thing that hold the disc in place) and I TOTALLY remembered why I didn’t use it. Then I checked the other two and they had them missing as well. They’re now in the bin along with the cables, controllers and memory card, but I kept the games.

Then I went back outside and my dad found my both my SNESs and both of my SEGA Master System II’s and all my games. First I’ll talk about the SNES, if some of you remember, at the back of the SNES were three ports, Power Adapter, that Console->TV and some RC out socket which looked familiar… so I tried them, power worked but I couldn’t find the Console to TV wire, I found a couple of spares, they no work. I got annoyed and was about to chuck it in the bin when I remembered what the RC Out one was. I had it with my Black Gamecube, I found that easily and took the wire and put it in. w00t! Starwing and Yoshi’s Island FTW! Along with 31 other games. I was happy. I tried the other SNES that one started smoking… OFF TO THE BIN!

The Master System II’s, they were gooooooood. Worked fine. W00t pr0n..

I started playing Hulk on the GameCube, it worked fine apart from when the Control Stick was in Neutral, Hulk kept on moving NEish, I lived with it for a couple of seconds but when it asked me to save, it kept on saying the memory card was corrupted, so I had to press all the buttons rapidly to save on the VENOM card, and then noticed I had a 99p memory card from Gamestation and on the back it said GAME which, in Stevenage, is like two stores away from Gamestation… Then I turned into Bruce Banner and had to be stealthy but the control stick kept on moving by itself! I was like “WTF, OMG h4x0rZ 1n Ma Cun7r0l4!” so I switched controllers, I was happy, until I noticed it was my cousin’s… So I didn’t want to touch it in case it blew up or something and I played with my 3rd controller. It works.

Since I was playing with Classic Consoles, I remember playing Streets of Rage with my cousin on his SEGA Mega Drive and we used to play co-op mode. I kept on beating him up with that pipe. I remembered he lost it when he moved his house. LAAAAAAAAAAME! Now I can’t eat turkey I find in Trash Cans . He’s getting a Wii for his birthday [November 8th] and he’s going to download it. W00t for the Virtual Console!

The Black Wii: when the hell is it coming out, hopefully Christmas! I can’t find any rumours or anything and I’m not going to skin/spray paint/case mod a white one.

To go with the GameCube Controller, my Sony Ericsson K800i’s stick is starting to really annoy me because It doesn’t follow where I want to go and when I play a song, it just zooms past tracks or doesn’t move at all… WTF! The camera is awesome though! 

To go with the phone, the earphones don’t want to stay in my want to stay in my ears unlike my MP3 ones which fit comfortably… they always fall out and I’m like “DUDE! WHERE’S MY VEHICLE!” and the sponge thing that goes on top of it sucks as well.

Then you got the battery… it SUCKS! Lasts for less then a week on Stand-by, unlike my old phone [SAGEM MY X5-2] which lasted for 2 weeks!

When I was writing my essay on the COMPARISON of two books, I accidentally write the DIFFERENCE which I had to spend another hour doing… Life Sucks.

Friend Codes: Why not use GamerTags instead or just use F/C’s for games which use communication like Metroid Prime Hunters and Animal Crossing OR why can’t the DS have it’s own built in F/C, I mean how am I supposed to remember a 12 digit code FOR EVERY SINGLE GAME I HAVE THAT GOES WI-FI?!

WiiChat: Warnings- Well… that sucks. 2 already… and for helping 2 guys out… Everybody know about YouTube, it’s the second most visited site in the UK and it’s very close to taking over the first, The BBC… Then there’s Wikipedia. POPULAR! Forgot the other one…

WiiChat: Signatures- Everybody’s come up as links for me to the Sig… Is that part of the Warnings?

Parker Pen Ink 3 of my pen ink’s have died since I started Year 9 [September 9th]…

Xerox Scanner, that stupid thing has to come up in the friggin corner every time I connect my printer, memory stick or phone and flashes in the corner saying “I’M LOOKING FOR THE FUDGING SCANNER OKAY?! I LOOK TO WASTE YOUR TIME DOING THIS PROCESS BECAUSE I WANT THE FRIGGIN SCANNER!!11010110100101108” There is no way to turn it off apart from deleting the program and we use it like once a month and takes about 30 minutes to install…

My Room: You take a sheet of A3 paper and times it by 11… that’s the walkable amount of space… that’s how small it is… All I’ve got in here are 2 computers, a desk, the god-dam scanner, a draw, a bed, a chair and a stool, and a basket full of crap. And that’s just the things on the floor…

Whenever I can’t be bothered to start up a computer which takes 22 seconds to fully load, I go on my sister’s laptop which takes 7 minutes to get up to the Desktop and since it’s Vista I have to wait for the clock, calendar and stuff to come up before I can click on INTERNET. The worst part is I HATE laptop keys they are SO flat and annoying! Every time I want to spell the word “BECAUSE” I end up ALWAYS spelling it “BECASUE” and many other words…

Plus the battery sucks… it said “4 HRS BATTERY LIFE” when it can barely do 2 hours… GAWD Vista is huge and sucks. People say there are loads of bugs in it but I can’t spot any, I hate the layout and design of things like the Taskbar to the Frame around the Windows they also come up slow and transparent and it just looks ugly to me along with other stuff, it just looks so ugly and unfinished!

Another computer related thing, THE MUSIC! Lately, whenever I double click a song to listen to it, it ALWAYS opens on the Internet, so I have to ALWAYS right-click and press “Open In Windows Media Player Because It Opens Up In Firefox And Is Therefore Is A Tard”.

When I stick in my Memory Stick, it always flashes and doesn’t stop until I take it out and I have to watch this green light turning on and off at speeds of twice the second hand on a clock! So my eyes hurt from that…

I now have sleeping problems because of DS Addiction. Whoopee! So I end up falling asleep and at 4AM and wake up at 7AM and I don’t have any bags under my eyes… WTF?!

On a sadder note my hair is going to get shaved today *sniff*.

So… that was my story.

What annoyance have you been getting lately?

Hopefully yours is much longer than mine since this is the shortest post I’ve EVER done.


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Aug 28, 2007
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dude i suggest to lite one up, forget it all and just chill


Sep 17, 2007
hmm well since this is a gaming forum ill stick to gaming stress..xbox 360 really grinds my gears...i've had no luck with it..had to return it to repairs twice, and even when it was working it would scratch my games and make alot of weird noises. sometimes the game wouldnt come out either :/


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Oct 22, 2006
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Microsoft grinds my gears.

I got the RROD (Red Ring of Death) and I called Microsoft after going through all the retarded trouble shooting steps with the max feller i talked to the people and they never could verify my address. It can't them and hour to usually that I didn't live in town I live out in the country like on a farm. So my address didn't work. I gave them a relatives address who lives in town and after another half a hour of waiting for them to verify it didn't work. So after another hour of trying to find a solution I get some answer that The system is updating. Geez it would have been wonderful if they would've have told me that earlier. They said phone back in a couple days.

I phone back in a couple days and same thing happened except on the third try of verification it finally worked.... at least I think. I couldn't understand what the devil the girl was saying due to her strong accent.

And that's what really grinds my gears.


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Dec 22, 2006
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What grinds my gears are females.
You can never ever understand them.

They're useless :lol: