You're Smothering Me, I Need More Wii Time


Oct 16, 2006
Oak Creek, Wisconsin
I've pretty much had it with my job at a crappy clothing chain retailer and put in my two weeks, without a new job to back me up for now. This is my last week and still have 2 paychecks coming my way. All I have now is tech school, which Im earning my transfer credits so I can get the hell outta my town, so I usually just play weekend worrior without blowing major money, besides when the wii comes out. So up until next college semester when Im out of town, It'll be just me, my homework and my Wii, and then my friends and wii on the weekends! my only money worries would be just holiday biz, but my sis and I split it up even all the time, and maybe some VC games...
then I'll be livin dorm life playing wii whenever again, but Ill probly have a small part time job.
just letting everyone know


Final Distance
Oct 1, 2006
New York
Wii Online Code
Uh... ok... That was kinda random...

And why are you saying this? Was it a problem you were having, and now it is fixed or something?