Omfg See What My Sister Did


Aug 6, 2006
Ok first of all, i come home, she says she needs my help with something. She needs 57 free blocks on my memory card..which holds 59. She deleted MY SUPER MONKEY BALL 2 FILE WHICH HAD EVERYTHING UNLOCKED! And she said she only deleted the ones I don't play (which is 2, even though i play super monkey ball 2 the most since its easy to pick up and play) atleast she kept my Resident Evils but this is the worst thing. All though some of you might not think the same, the game was ****in ANIMAL CROSSING
I share ya problem man when i had all the trophy's in FIFA 2003 my bro deleted it just to friggin play Mortal Kombat Deception broke my heart :(
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my sister is 17, shes into games like sims and ww2 shooters (dont ask..) shes looking forward to the wii so she is purchasing CoD3 for me =D
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well in a way its a good thing she plays games, shes not the greatest at the ww2 shooters, but since she likes them and thinks the wii will give her a chance to finaly beat me (its like 893758937589353626868-0) she is buying it for me, and shes looking forward to getting into other games, so this truly is a success story, exactly what nintendo wants with the wii, more people getting into games and giving them a whole new fresh experience
Ouch! Double ouch since she deleted your Super Monkey Ball save, that series is hard as nails! I sorta know how you feel, my little brother used to sell off some of my games when he thought I no longer played them. Personally I'd recommend you keep things like memory cards and games where younger siblings can't find them.
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i dont, anyways we should take a moment of our time to thank the lord she didnt delete Battalion Wars, im 2% away from unlocking the third bonus mission!
hey here, you can probably go to use a cheat for your little mokey balls game, and super smash brothers game and be happy again. but... if there shall be no cheats, then you should find someone that has beaten that game and unlocked everything, and copy their file onto your memory card.

easy? kinda....