Please help before my buddy gets here


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Dec 25, 2006
A friend of mine is coming over in a couple of hours. He is bringing along his Wii. He wants to download some games from wii shopping channel. He doesen't have the internet. I have my Wii connected to the internet by wi-fi. Can I just unplug mine and plug his in and go. Or are there passwords that i am going to run in to? Cause I connected my wii 2 years ago and I ain't going to remember any passwords. Can somebody please tell me the steps I will have to take for his wii to get connected to the internet. Thanks
you will need the router wifi password to connect his wii to your network. yours will stay 'connected' even if you unplug it.
Start a new connection on his console. Search for an access point and if it doesnt have a lock, use it.
Upgrade his console (it will ask you) and you're ready to go.