Post your Wii mods.


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Feb 18, 2009
I'm really interested in seeing mainly mods towards the case of the wii; not really homebrew or anything on that matter.

I might post my Wii, not exactly a mod but added a sort of skin on the Wii with some little pictures. I'm also planning on changing the LED on the disk-slot but I have never had experience with LEDS or anything on that matter.

So yeah, go ahead and post or maybe describe what you have modded on your wii.
bone stock except for a piece of scotch tape holding the door to the memory card (GN) door closed.
Mine's been modified.
It comes with gorgeous scratches and a good-looking shoe smudge on the side complimented perfectly by the soda can stain on the other side.
The dust was imported from my skin.
There was a member some time ago nammed fRuMMaGe who had a chameleon LED case and custome wii remote casses. They looked sweet.
There was also a member who ended up drawing a scene from mario bros onto the side of his Wii. cant remember the name tho.
Is the master sword a wii remote in that, CK?
Would make playing Twilight Princess fun as hell.
Yeah, here's Luke's mods (FRuMMaGe)
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Wow that Zelda mod is just pure beautiful! And I would love one of those cases! I'm guessing you would have to take the White case off?
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Yeah that Samus Mod Is pretty sweet. I've seen others such as a Star-wars one as well. No-one on here have any mods and pics of them?

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