PS3 Preorders start today, EBgames with only 15 per store (haha)


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Sep 14, 2006
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hehe, sucks to be a PS3 fan atm. EBgames and Gamestop only have around 15 PS3s per store and the preorders start today. Needless to say, it'll be crazy at stores everywhere. My friends tried preordering (3 of them) and came to school late today. Luckily, one of them got a preorder but the other 2 were number 16 and 17. So my friend was the last person on the list, how lucky. he was jumping for joy today when he came to class. So i'm happy that i'll be able to try a PS3 at my friend's house. But I want a Wii and Red steel and i'm happy that there will be a 99% chance of me getting one. (that 1% chance is if a random tornadoe goes down my street and rips both the walmart and best buy up and goes a few miles later and rips up my local gamestop :lol:)
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oh yea, also checked out

Most users online: 38, yesterday :lol:
I did hear that when the PS2 came out in japan there nearly was a roit and one fool nearly killed him self when his preorder was cancelld
Icetrash said:
Lol crazy asains and what they will do for technology..... not to be racist or anything but its true.

usually they invent it not buy it though! lol

although it is a bit prejiduced considering the massive populations of china and india which are not that all technologicaly knowledgable (though china is catching up)