PS3, The Fault


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Jun 24, 2006
Virginia, USA
Can i set the record straight.

Everyone knows that PS# contains the technology of Blu-ray. 360 has HD DVD drives and HD discs, as it turns out. HD Discs have better quality and sound then the blu-ray which is why PS# is so expensive, hense the heavy price, i think the smart choice would have been not to do a 20g and a 60g, but to do a No blu-ray possibly making it 350 or 400 dollar model, and have blue ray version for 500 if you justl ike that.

Fatal flaw, or future profit?
Well I think that the PS3 as Nintendo knows what they are doing so they are not going to commit such a fault you just said... but in other way those prices are really, really expensive
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They are not commiting Anything but suicide, because of blu-ray the smaller develepors for sony's system have backed off and are limited on budget and what they are a capable of. The next-gen was supposed to make this easier on them, letting them be more creative. You have been basically seeing all of sony's huge friends
Square Enix

And the first party licensed games. Sony is trying to make a jump to the future with there technology, but it will fail if they cannot market it right.
There are far to many PS3 fans for it to be a fatal flaw but they know they can't conpete so they're trying to jack up the price of the system and games, which i feel will be crap, to make a last big haul of cash for them.I love the idea of them going out especially all my friends starting to cry and admittting I was right all along lol. Nintendo will start fighting back more compitently and will give them a run for their money. Come next-gen they will be just as powerful and more compelling to play which will be the greatest system ever hahahahahahahahahahahaha cough cough damn cynical laugh.