Specifically what nintendo is rivalling, top reasons to buy a ps3


Aug 1, 2006
10 Reasons Why Getting a PS3 Isn't That Bad

You know, we here at ps3.net, we read a lot of stuff about PS3. With most of it being bad news, and rumors of downgrading, losing developers, losing games, losing exclusives, sites saying that Sony copied competitors ideas and put them in the PS3.... on and on, there is still some good left to be found in the PS3. So I have done some research, and seeing is how everyone has their "10 reasons why not to buy a PS3", I've created 10 reasons why you should buy a PS3.

1. The Cell Processor:
Rivaling that of super computers and custom made PC's, the Cell processor is one of the fastest CPU's ever built in PC's and Gaming platforms. Custom made by Sony, Toshiba, and IBM, this microprocessor runs at speeds clocking 3.2GHz combined with 7 SPE's also running at a combined speed of 3.2GHz. Making the PS3 one of the fastest gaming or PC platforms to date.

2. RSX Graphic Chip:
One of the most fastest CPU's ever made, is now going to be combined with one of the best GPU's of all time, the RSX "Reality Synthesizer" Graphic Chip. Made by Nvidia, this GPU goes at speeds of 550MHz and has programming capabilities of up to 1.8 TFLOPS. With redesigned architecture, this chip brings next-gen graphics, physics, AI, shading, and lighting, just to name a few, all to the PS3.

3. Blu-Ray Disc Drive:
Although most people would say that Blu-Ray at this point in time in gaming is useless, or not necessary, Sony said, "Its a must-have for PS3". With storage of up to 50GB on one disc, and the use of a Blue Laser to read discs in High Definition (1080p resolution), Blu-Ray is turning into the must-have next-gen movie and now gaming disc drive of all time, letting developers and movie studios put as much as they need on one disc, without worrying that it wont fit on the disc. And with a price point of $1200 for the player, you can get Blu-Ray + Cell + RSX + more in a PS3, over a player which all it does is play Blu-Ray discs, and for half the price.

4. Bluetooth + Motion Sensing Controllers:
Many people have said that Sony copied Nintendo Wii's idea of having motion sensing available in their controller, but I say, it's not totally copying. The PS3 controller only has 6 degrees of motion, whereas, the Wii has full motion capabilities. Plus, most games being made on Wii use the motion sensing, where on the PS3, there have only been very few games announced that will use it. With Bluetooth, gamers can now play anywhere in their living room with up to 30 feet wireless range, and the ability to connect any controller to any PS3, wirelessly, saves a ton of trouble with buying new controllers and hooking them up and if your friend has one, he can bring it and the PS3 will recognise it in seconds, letting you play games with friends easier.

5. Hard Drive and Memory:
With the Xbox 360 being the first to put a Hard Drive in a gaming system, Sony not only did that with the PS3, but made it more. With 20GB or 60GB versions of the PS3, both are upgradeable, and both store a lot of entertainment for your gaming needs. Also, with the online capability of PS3, gamers can now search on the internet through the PS3 and save stuff directly onto the HDD, just like with the PSP. You can also buy Memory Cards or SD cards, and put them in the 60GB version of the PS3 and use those for storage on the PS3, although they will go fast. And with a total of 512MB of memory, 256MB for the CPU, 256MB for the GPU, both the Cell and the RSX will be able to use all 512MB's of it, respectfully.

6. Online:
Speaking of online and internet, PS3 will fully support online capabilities rivaling that of Xbox's very successful Xbox Live, called "Playstation Network Platform", or PNP. The PNP will have a free online and multiplayer service along with a "Playstation Shop", where you can buy specific upgrades and new content for specific PS3 games. The service is said to always be connected, giving gamers the chance to play against people around the world, anytime they want, for free. Also with WiFi, you can connect to the internet wirelessly using a wireless router, and connect to your PSP and use it for varoius uses.

7. Backwards Compatible:
Sony was the first one to introduce Backwards Compatibility "BC", with the introduction of the PS2 as it could read both PS1 and PS2 discs. Now with the next-gen system, Sony is continuing that with the PS3, as it will be able to read all of PS1, PS2 and PS3 discs, along with Blu-Ray discs, DVD, CD, and more.

8. Games:
The most important thing of all video game platforms is games and the types of games. Sony is moving forward with that, with titles coming up that are nothing short of spectacular. Exclusive titles like: Warhawk, Resistance, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Fatal Inertia, Full Auto 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Devil May Cry 4, Final Fantasy 13 and versus 13, Eight Days, Gran Turismo, Killzone, Lair, and the list goes on and on. All these and many more are only on the PS3 and have the ability of producing incredible graphics and exciting gameplay, that will make the gamers flip out over how incredibly looking the games are and the game types.

9. Accessories:
With every new system that comes out, their are tons of cool looking gadgets and add-ons to buy to improve your system. With PS3, there's no exception. With the ability to have HD IP Video conferencing, the amasing features and functions of Eye Toy, being able to use your PSP as a remote for your PS3 and having the opportunity of talking to your friends online by using a keyboard and more, PS3 will have lots and lots of great and new accessories coming in the near future to better your PS3 even more.

10. Price:
Yea, Yea, we've heard it since they announced it. "$599 for a gaming system, are you nuts". "People who pay that are retarded". Well not if you look at what your getting for the amount you pay. lets look at it: (These are rough estimates, its probably more)
Processor - $200
Disc Drive - $350
Graphics Chip - $150
Memory - $70
Hard Drive - $50
Other - $130
TOTAL = $950
So for the amount of these six items, you can get a PS3 with all the functionallity, pre-installed programs, and abilities that it can do and still have money left over for some games, another controller, etc. and then the rest of the money you can save up for a rainy day. So for people saying 600 bucks, WTF??, try seeing whats inside the box, before you look out of it.

I'll poste reasons why to get a wii and u can compare the lists.
I don't think the PS3 will suck, but alot of people are belittling. Sony will achieve what exactly it wants to do. It's not a videogame console by itself, it's a music player, bluray/dvd player, a videogame console, an online one stop shop kiosk, and all in all, a beast. I don't want all the extra stuff sony has to offer and,quite frankly, can't afford it. Maybe I'll get the PS4 when I have my own bachelor pad, but until that day comes I just want to play games, nothing more and nothing less. As for the PS3's price, it is well worth it for what they're offering. As darthbeaverxp said before, don't be ignorant and say the ps3 sucks or the wii sucks because 1)that's your opinion and it's not true for other people and 2) It hasn't come out yet. Hold off on the criticizing and just focus on the console(s) you like.;)
I don't think the extra features in the PS3 are stupid, or as some people on here have said, "ahead of their time."

Seriously, the PS3 is already behind PCs in almost every area except the graphics section, which won't last long as we all know. Within six months of it's release, there will be a better graphics card for the PC. Now, it will probably cost double that of the PS3 itself, but after a year, the PS3 will be nothing compared to a halfway decent PC.

PS3 has ports and features that would be nice to have on Wii, but it's really missing innovation. We are getting upgraded graphics and a slightly different controller, which is more gimmick than enhanced.

I like the Playstation platform for it's interesting games, like Katamari Damacy, Ico, Rez, etc. I've never played MGS, but I plan to; I have a PS2.

Unfortunatly, I haven't seen any games like this for PS3 yet and I've grown tired of the same old, uncomfortable and unintelligent controller. It's seriously the worst controller for FPSs ever. No real triggers, rounded joysticks (Xbox 360's joysticks are indented so your thumb doesn't slip), and now it doesn't even have rumble. Wiimote/nunchuk = what is basicly a Gamecube controller and PC mouse combined. It's perfect for almost every game genre and can be turned on it's side for racing.

I'm not saying that PS3 sucks, that I don't want to play the new MGS, it's just the cost combined with the lack of truely new gameplay. I don't want to press a button to swing a sword (and now I won't even feel the impact). I want to swing the friggin sword!! The Wii brings me closer to that feeling and it's graphics are better than Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox, so it's pretty nice. I mean, even on the Xbox 360, look at Cameo. It's not that good looking and then you contrast that to Super Mario Galaxy and it's no contest.

I agree with both you guys that we need to stop critisizing things before they come out, but with PS3, what you see (as nice and shiny as it is) is what you get. You are still limited by the input device (the controller), but with Wii, it's limitless.

I need a snack now.:lol:
Yeah the ps3 is cool and all but sony has to stop relying on its power and its capabilities and start relying on the games. In the beginning everyone is going to be bragging about its power and capabilities but overtime no one is going to care anymore and start looking at its games. And I know some people are going to say that "ps3 is more than a videogame console but a real computer". If it was more of a computer they would not have called it ps3 and at its E3 press conference they would have showed more of its capabilities as a computer than as a videogame console. I think they will do better if they marketed the PS3 as a computer that happens to play videogames on bluu-ray discs and is backwards compatible with the ps1 and the ps2 and can play blu-ray movies, dvds, etc.. I mean come on 600 dollars for a computer that can also do those things is a good deal if you look at it in this perspective.
I know Sony is trying to market the PS3 as a pc but not doing a great job.
Oh right! I forgot to mention that I read somewhere that the PS3 will be upgradable which will keep on killing my wallet overtime. If this is true then Sony needs to do something and fast about it's price and hardware. What they're offering is worth it, but people like inexpensive things (unless the gift is expensive and they don't have to pay for it).
I also meant to add, this Wii vs PS3 thing seems very similar to the DS vs PSP thing. DS is innovative, cheap, but doesn't have the best graphics. The PSP has the best graphics a portable console has ever had (other than a laptop), a music player, movie player, and a web browser.

Look what's happened. Even Sony fanboys are selling/trading in their PSPs for the DS and maybe an iPod.

Will history repeat itself? Only time will tell.
I would rant about the money that's been torn out of my wallet for the psp if it wasn't for GTA, its ability to play music, and well the internet access (if you catch my drift). Lol JK. No. no I'm not.;)
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Still, I think to have a blu ray player buy itself costes somewhere from $1000-$2000 so its basically a good deal getting it extremely cheap in the ps3. Sony is using alot of expensive things that have coste them alot of money for their ps3 and you have to consider the technology thats being put into the ps3. Yea its still expensive but you're getting a good deal on things like blu ray.
You're right, it is a great deal, for the people that have 1,000 dollars to burn. Then again if you're on a budget you really shouldn't be buying a gaming console in the first place...
Wow, so you really aren't a spammer. Sorry, but we've never had a PS3 lover that actually replies intelligently.

Anyway, as for PS3 being a good price for having a Blu-ray player, that's only if you consider Blu-ray a good format. You have probably read a lot of news about the Blu-ray players having serious problems and bugs. None of us know if Blu-ray won't just become the UMD of dvd players.

Also, you have to consider that to get any real use out of the Blu-ray player, you have to spend tons more on an HD TV, HD cables for that TV, a cable box for digital cable which costs like $60/month and so on. Now, I would love it if I had all that money to spend on all that stuff, but alas, I'm average part of the average middle-class. Also, for about $1000, I could make a gaming PC that could probably equal the graphics of the PS3, instead of spending like 10-20 grand on an entertainment system that could take advantage of the PS3's features.

It's like buying an Alienware PC, but then hooking it up to a 15" CRT display.
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Blu ray and cell processor might have a bit of problems, but the whole reason why the ps3's launch date was set back to november 17th was mainly to debug the console itself. If launch consoles do crash, then Sony will be on the problem, it might turn out like 360 where there was alot of problems with the first launch. Everyone's iffy about the fact that this is some serious technology that just stepped out of the door. Its new, top-notch, and nobody knows if it will work. But by the sounds of it Sony is happy so far and they appear to have what they want. The whole hd tv thing i agree with but you only need an hd tv to use blu ray to its max really. hd tv just used blu ray to its full potential. Also with or without hd tv the blu ray will also be able to make games from ps2 and ps1 have sharper imaging which will give the appearance of better graphics so blu ray is still worth it in my opinion.
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You're right. Blu-ray has just come out and of course it's going to have some bugs.

I know something else that's completly new that has had no reported problems and I would say it's a bit more complex than Blu-ray: The Wiimote and Nunchuk. All of it is pretty much completly new and powerful, but like everything Nintendo, it lacks what Microsoft and Sony generally have: bugs.

The PS2 had a lazer problem that overtime, destroyed the console itself. The Xbox, while my current favorite console, had problems with it's first consoles and with it's powercord just last year. The Xbox 360 has heat problems and the notorious "red light" problem (sort of like the blue screen of death, which is a problem in Windows, which is another thing Microsoft is behind), and now the PS3 is having problems before it's even hit store shelves.

I'm just saying one of the things that will be great about Wii, like every single Nintendo console before it, is it's dependability/durability.
Ok the wii is unique out of the next generation consoles, is will be the new experience of playing games. Yeah the ps3 has blu-ray , but not everybody wants blu-ray. Some people just want to be able to play with a new generation system without having to spend loads of money. I dont hate ps3, i would get it if my budget wasnt a problem.
Whatever you may say, YES the PS3 has awesome features. If the Wii wouldnt be so Innovative, I would probably get a PS3. But the fact is that because of all those AWESOME features, the PS3 will cost 700$ bucks! thats without the taxes. Oh and also, the games are supposed to cost around 60-70$ each. Thats just damn too much! I must admit that maybe if the PS3 would cost as much as the Wii, id get a PS3..or even Both! But thatll never happen. Id never pay 1000$ for a console with a few games, maybe if I was rich but im truly not.
The only real reason why the PS3 was putted to november 17th is cause they wanted to copy ALL nintendo features... anyway u are jsut an spammer and if u dont like the wii, what are u doing here??? why u dont go to a PS3 forum and talk how good is to spent $600 in a machine that do all except playing games, actually if u look closely the one who will lose the console wars is PS3 so dont call us ignorants if u dont want to finish as my thread picture :D