PS4 allredy

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lol I love that pic. Hmmm seems Sony has come up with a innovative new system there.
That's an awesome picture! It displays more than one message:

Sony copying Nintendo.
The long loading time.

Talk about sarcasm in a box!
Sh** they probably got ps5 lined up, Sony Piss me off, as soon as you have purchased the new piece of kit it's redundant!. and you watch if the wii takes off, watch sony incorporate all of it's innovation. :wtf:
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It's impressive how many BAD movies Sony is doing in this next generation of videogames. One after another bad movies, choices, expositions. All the time, everytime. A highly priced product which's not really delivering it's graphical immense promises and relies it's tricks on simply copying anything the big N could invent. What's going on, $ony? What a shame!... not just for the videogame market, but for Japan as well. The machine's over too much overpriced, it doesn't deliver it's main promises and just ripps off everything which seems to be a hit from the other companies. I could barely believe in what I saw at Sony's this year's E3 conference video. What happened to the great Japanise samuray? Is it falling apart? I'm depressed. (at least, we still have the Wii.. I mean... WII have... :p).
The PS3 costs almost as much as the combined cost of an XBox 360 and a Wii- I wonder if that's because it's basically a rip off of both consoles. :lol:

Seriously though, Sony is really starting to lose it. The price is ridiculous, they've ripped off Microsoft and Nintendo for just about every good idea and they're relying on the same old tired franchises like those 800 billion karaoke/bemani games for the PS2 (Nintendo is guilty of this too to some extent, particularly the Mario spin offs). Alright, Sony did have the right idea when they said PS3 games would be region-free, but who cares if nothing's worth importing?
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