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Feb 5, 2009
I have completed all the levels in the fountian, Terrace, Kitchen, and bedroom. Some of the levels in these areas are marked off with crowns while others are not. How Come there not are they not done?
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Now this isn't my screen but i just wanted to show what i meant how do i get so my looks like it


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Oh, right. Sorry, I never used that map. I believe that means you've gotten all of the stars for every galaxy in that area. Keep in mind that special stars occur randomly, so even if you've completed all of the levels that were available to you at the time, a new comet may appear later on, which is probably the reason you're not seeing crowns on all of your buildings.
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Do You have a completed list of all the stars? So I know which ones I still need?
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Flying Mario

After I get the gate and Am able to fly as mario. Is there a time limit on how long I can fly or could I fly threw a whole level?
There is a list of all the stars in the game... just search around for it and you'll find it... and as for Flying Mario there is a time limit.
you can only get a certain amount of stars then u have to beat the story mode, after you beat the story mode u go back int the game and then all rest of the planets the weren't completed will have purple comets.
You are missing the ? stars. After you beat the galaxy, their is a hidden star in most of them.
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After I beat the game. Do I have to redo all the purple coins again?
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Ok, I have seen it done but just wondering if anyone can explain to me excatly how it's done. Gold leaf galaxy there on the cosmic race theres a shortcut. I think you have to super jump, spin, wall jump, wall jump again. Is that right?