RARE games SHOULD be on vc, cause..


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Aug 20, 2006
Miami Beach, fl
take a look at this list at this website http://www.rareware.com/ go to games/timline it shows how "banjo: pilot", "donkey kond country 3" and other rare games ported from the snes to gba, and in 2005 while conker's was made in the same timeline, so if all these rare games got ported, what makes u think it won't be possible to play rare games on the wii...its really the same difference, thats why i'm not worried, i'm gonna be able to play my killer instinct and goldeneyeball
First off, this should be in the Virtual Console section. Secondly, there's nothing you just said that means that Rare's games will be on the VC. Aside from licensing issues (especially with GoldenEye), there's the question of whether Microsoft would allow them to be ported. I'm not saying it's entirely out of the question, but sadly the only Rare games you're likely to see on VC are the Donkey Kong games, since Nintendo owns the character.
Wouldn't Nintendo have the rights to distribute that game? In so far as the code wouldn't be changed moving it to the virtual console and they just wouldn't be able to make any more sequels etc using the characters in the game.

I mean Conkers Bad Fur Day was released on the N64 at the time so do they have to distribution rights for that code rather than that system? Who knows? If it were for the code then it's all gravy and they can direct port the code to the Virtual Console like emulators do with roms. If not then no RARE for us.